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In the house balconies have failed, and on walls in apartments

Among usual rural houses trehetazhka along the street Sarkisjantsa, 2 field mushrooms grow in a village of Mishkovichi of Shumilinsky area that on Vitebshchine, it seems transferred of area of operations. On March, 12th in one of entrances balconies have failed, fortunately, nobody was lost. Then local authorities have come tearing along at once. There were numerous commissions, all measured and taped. From a sin far away in the house have torn out all balconies, having promised to make repair, according to tenants, till May, 17th. Balconies have cleaned, without having closed up a hole in a roof there where peaks of balconies fastened. And now, when there are rains, in rooms the present deluge. On walls from constant dampness mushrooms grow, and the blown up linoleum reminds hilly district. If to add that erected this building in collective farm independently breaking a great lot gostov fears of people are clear: they are afraid that their habitation at any moment can develop, as a house of cards.

But people want to live, therefore we were met by almost all tenants of the house who have poured out on us with the press photographer all emotions.

- you tell, so it is possible to live? How much it is possible to scoff at us?

That I could tell in this terrible court yard where tenants for 20 years have not planted trees and flowers.

one balcony door Here has opened, the gloomy person being unsteady has lighted a cigarette, has fallen on hunkers:

- My God, it will fall, - I have become agitated.

- will not fall, - have assured me, - it habitual.

Tenants have brought the hunting boots, have suggested the press photographer to put on them and to go to a cellar. Green water was overknee (it at it is that growth metre ninety (!) .

the Situation is absurd. The house belongs to collective farm the Lenin appeal which has stopped economic activities. Chink from which water in the house arrives, and a water tower - to a farm the Spring (by the way, this winter for the first time in the house was warmly giving thanks to the Spring ). And the line from a tower to the house belongs to municipal services. Naturally, hundred nurses - the child without an eye.

I did not begin to contact the regional and regional authorities. What to sense if measures are accepted, and any rain drives people mad?!

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