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How minchanam to become visitors in own city?

there are my acquaintances - unmarried still a couple. And - to spend usual desire days off only together - once it has appeared impracticable: parents have not left at the last minute on a summer residence. The exit arose by itself: hostel. A leah but so easily it to make enamoured of Minsk, and how much it will cost? And after all situations in youth life happen different - from romantic uik - enda before wedding when except search of number for newly married it is necessary to settle in hostels of friends and relatives.
so, has decided to arrange spot-check on capital hotel rooms.

In Minsk we have counted 44 hostels , but an enamoured couple can place for the night far not in everyone. For example, in hotel the Orbit to children has not carried. It has appeared, only visitors there can live. But hostel we will note - here when - nibud it will be possible to occupy the friends who have arrived on wedding. In the centre too a regional ohm. Hostel Anniversary Masherova located on the prospectus, also offers numbers only to visitors. Well. When time, here we " will come; we will occupy the future mother-in-law. The decent interior, a bathroom, the TV, phone and other conveniences, and also a breakfast will impress favourably on mum . And an arrangement of the mother-in-law - a thing important. The single room for the mother-in-law - Russians costs about 32 dollars the Mother-in-law from Smorgoni will manage in two three times is cheaper. And to strike on the spot future mum and the father it is possible to remove for them a two-room junior suite for 120 US dollars for two.

to Find a hotel room in the centre nevertheless it is possible if very to want.

For example, in hostel Belarus where we movable by curiosity, have glanced, us have greeted with with a smile.

- Minchane can be occupied to us only on days off. Unfortunately, at week-days it is impossible. When, you speak, it is necessary for you? Well here, just the day off turns out. So welcome!

In usual number usual furniture, not Soviet, but also not the up-to-date. From ware only glasses from thin glass and an ashtray.

By the way, number for newly married here will find at any time! It is possible for 40 thousand it is white. Rbl. And it is possible, having paid 80 thousand, to take a two-room junior suite.

But in any day of week all of us have found number in hostel the Tourist .

- And what is necessary for settling? - We ask.

- in - the first, it is more than money with itself take, - the manager smiles. - well, and the passport which confirms your majority. Such requirements show in all hostels.

In numbers the decent furniture, new TVs, refrigerators do not rustle. Phone is. It is possible to take from the parlourmaid still Soviet period glasses, spoons, plugs. Residing without evronavorotov will manage hardly more 60 thousand for two. Numbers with European-quality repair - from 80 thousand.

But night in " will most cheaply manage; to the Star . By the way, though in numbers also there is a furniture still Soviet period, but there are no thick glass tumblers. Cockroaches it is not visible, them regularly poison every Monday.

For those for whom of hostel it is too expensive, there is an alternative variant - apartments for days. The minimum cost of such apartment - 8 US dollars. Is more subcentral cost increases to 35 dollars and above. Above are apartments with European-quality repair and household navorotami. In usual apartment necessarily to eat the most necessary furniture and phone, ware and even video.

Besides service which is rendered by agencies, selecting you dwelling, costs on the average 10 thousand.

If you want

Most - most

the Most democratic conditions for the client at a complex ZHuravinka : In one number can live any quantity of people (the main thing that the place has sufficed all), and foreign citizens and Byelorussians pay for residing on a flat fare;

the Most inexpensive breakfasts in hostel the Star three thousand cost it is white. Rbl.

the small amount of numbers in hostel Park the Suite - only eleven;

the apartments in a complex ZHuravinka . To reserve them it is possible for 1 500 000 roubles a day. Cost impresses, but there there is a pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, home theatre.

the Name
Usual number
the Junior suite, a suite
4* Minsk 240 thousand it is white. Rbl. 440 thousand it is white. Rbl. Occupy all interested persons
Belarus From 40 thousand to 38 c.u. From 120 - 320 c.u. Minchan occupy only on the days off
Anniversary From 27 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 120 - 320 c.u. Minchan do not occupy
ZHuravinka From 255 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 320 to 1 500 000 it is white. Rbl. Occupy all interested persons
Ursula From 43 200 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 114 thousand it is white. Rbl. Minchan occupy in the presence of empty seats
Park the Suite From 174 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 348 thousand it is white. Rbl. Occupy all interested persons
the Tourist From 48 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 83 thousand it is white. Rbl. Occupy all interested persons
the Star From 17 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 62 thousand it is white. Rbl. Occupy all interested persons
the Orbit From 54 thousand it is white. Rbl. From 280 c.u. Minchan do not occupy

the Price are specified in the moment of preparation of a material. Quotations are resulted in roubles and standard units - in such form this information give in hostels.


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