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Deputies wanted to see the minister of the information

On Friday all government reported to parliament. Under this stamp deputies Olga Abramova and Igor Narejko wanted to ask the minister of the information of Michael Podgajnogo, of what reasons it has suspended release of “the Belarus business newspaper”. But, to surprise of deputies, in the Oval hall of the minister was not.

“At all previous meetings it was, and this time has not come, - Olga Mihajlovna is distressed. - But we so will not leave a situation. In the country there is an information field sweep. Independent sources of the information are chopped off, first of all the Russian TV - and radio channels. It is the big problem, and we plan to carry out parliamentary hearings on a subject“ the Status of an information situation in Belarus ”.

the Call to the minister. Michael Podgajnyj has appeared on a place:

- Questions to me at deputies were not, and anybody in parliament did not invite me. This time the block of economic problems was discussed, on it I and have not come. Yes, the chairman of the commission on mass-media has sent me the day before a fax with the request to explain a situation. On Monday it will receive the answer.


As informs Interfax, the head of committee of OSCE of freedom of the press of Frejmut Duve was converted to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergey Martynovu with the request to offer an explanation concerning the decision on an exit suspension “ BDG “.

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