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In Loshitsky park there lives a ghost

There where Mayakovsky`s street, having approached to Kamvolnomu to industrial complex, meets small river Loshitsej, the territory of ancient manor begins. Freakish windings of Svislochi accepting in of Loshitsu, and create today surroundings of rural idyll. From the east Loshitsky sadovo - the park economy - so prosaically is called this corner of a city - is opened towards an inhabited file of Serebrjanka, from the south it is limited by Chizhevsky`s street. Here it is possible to arrive all family to take a walk on the nature and to touch history.

Still in the middle of ÕVē centuries here, on approaches to Minsk, there was a first manor. Owners changed, their tastes - the shape of manor changed also. Only constructions of second half ÕēÕ of century up to now have reached: ancient park, an apartment house, economic constructions, ruins kaplitsy.

the Apartment house put over an inundated terrace, consists of two parts: Wooden one-storeyed rectangular in respect of the case and a two-storeyed stone building adjoining to its end face. Pay attention to silhouettes and wooden carved details. They frame window apertures, eaves are drawn. Ten thin columns hold an elegant peak over a front stairs. Today we will not see, but inside the house when - that has been revetted by panels morenogo an oak, decorated by a stucco moulding. Colour tile furnaces completed furniture of numerous rooms.

The park with ring walking routes begins from a face facade of the house. Till now in Loshitsky park it is possible to admire exotic trees and bushes. Here grow an oak fluffy, a magnolia kobus, larches Japanese, Siberian and European, pines vejmutovaja and black, bagrjanik Japanese, etc.

the Loshitsky park is intended for a quiet rest, here is not audible noise of cars, there is no loud music. Unless someone quietly plays a guitar is even is greeted by administration, to sing good songs here it is not forbidden. Bars, restaurants and summer cafes in territory of manor are not present, therefore it is possible to take with itself from the house or to buy on road something a food. Beer favourite by youth here is supposed, if without it in any way it is impossible. The main thing that and bottles then threw out jars in capacities specially taken away for this purpose … For those nuances that happen after the beer use, it is possible not to be afraid: in park there is the real board toilet. However, only one, but is located it so that is visible it from apart, will not lose the way.

Loshitsky manor - a suitable place and for fans to fish. In the river which here proceeds, it is possible to fish fishing tackles. Speak, children - teenagers catch for an hour to ten pieces. And here to bathe in the river it is impossible - the unfavourable fact for fans to swim for a while. The water polluted by industrial garbage and other harmful substances.

But in park territory there is a horse club “ prodius “ where it is possible to drive on horses. The club exists 10 years and works every day from 11 o`clock till 17 o`clock. In total there ten horses. Cost of one hour of driving of 10 thousand roubles. Professionals are authorised to go on park, and for beginners there is a special platform, and also the instructor.


In Loshitsky park is the ghost

Nearby to the main avenue the rests kaplitsy, built in second half ÕV ēēē in Baroque style were saved centuries. Octahedral, with a tent roof and shlemopodobnym a dome, it extraordinary effectively looked among park greens. It together with a panorama of all manor was embodied on the water colour by known artist Juzef the Pawn. Owners of manor Prushinsky in 1780 - h have transformed years kaplitsu into a church which operated before defeat of revolt of 1863. After 1905 it has renewed the activity, but it was interrupted with already Soviet authorities in 1920 - h years. In vaults kaplitsy buried owners of Loshitsy. Last here had been buried Jadviga Ljubansky which was drowned in Svislochi, - so its loud intimacy with Minsk the general - the governor count Musin - Pushkin which expounded all city was resolved. Deceived husband Evstafy Ljubansky, differing magnificent moustaches, cheerful nature and irrepressible temperament, has planted at the river where have found a body of Jadvigi, an apricot. As old residents tell loshitskie, during a time of flowering of an apricot when the park is shrouded by a midnight haze, here it is possible to meet a ghost pani Jadvigi. It is ready to help enamoured a practical advice.

there is an IDEA

Not so long ago the Minsk authorities have confirmed new (already which under the bill for last 15 years!) The project of updating Loshitsky usadebno - a park complex. It is supposed that will operate here korchma, a carriage court yard, vinokurnja, a wing, a mill, roman catholic kaplitsa and even an orthodox church. Well, time will tell.

How to reach to park?

to Reach there it is not too difficult. It is the most convenient to go from station on 3 - m, 3Ā or 102 - m buses and on 1060 th minibus, fare in which 800 roubles. On them it is possible to reach and from microdistrict Chizhovka. From trolley buses will approach 5 - j, 15 - j, 24 - j.

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