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Anastasia Volochkova feels sorry that Anastasii Slutsky

From Moscow with it has not acted in film in a role there have arrived only its constant partner Evgenie Ivanchenko and mum. Right after arrival to Minsk it has gone to get acquainted with troupe of the Belarus ballet and to rehearse. I want to thank mister Elizareva for possibility to dance on its scene. I have been surprised, have how much benevolently met me at the Belarus theatre. During the first acquaintance actors have shown me performance edition in Minsk because it differs that go in Moscow and St.-Petersburg " a little; - the known ballerina has told about the first impressions.

Wrapped in a cherry reaped fabric as an exotic flower, Volochkova has appeared before journalists on half an hour after the planned. As organizers of tours have explained, Anastas had a rest after rehearsal, to it did massage.

the Dancer admitted that in Minsk it was many times, but almost all impressions about a city at it nurseries. all my grandmothers and grandfathers were born in Ukraine. However many relatives lived in Minsk. Since five years I went with parents by the car to Crimea, and each time stopped at somebody in Minsk. Most of all Belarus to me was remembered by the dairy products: tvorozhkom, kefir - that I simply adored in the childhood .

Alas to look, as Minsk for these years has changed, it was possible to the ballerina only from a hotel accommodation window Belarus moreover during moving on a snow-white limousine.

Vecherom Volochkova has visited the mercy House then has gone to hostel and asked, that her did not disturb in the forenoon. Then last rehearsal and - performance.

Anastasia Volochkova admitted that about not played role Anastasii Slutsky in the film with the same name which is more recently complete on a film studio " very feels sorry; Belarusfilm . It was the offer flatter and expensive to me. Especially, her called Anastas. But, unfortunately, I could not leave Moscow for so long term - have been connected by the schedule of performances in the Bolshoi theatre. It was one of the first offers to act in film. And now I act in film in Petersburg and Moscow in a picture the Black prince where at me Natalia Goncharovoj`s role, Pushkin`s wives. To play historical roles to me it seems great happiness .


the Main spectator Swan lake there should be a president

we talked To mister Lukashenko, it was going to come for performance, and next day to depart on 300 - letie Petersburg, - the ballerina speaks. - but the day before it had to change plans and to leave to Moscow It is a pity! If he has visited performance, for me it would be honour. We had oral arrangements that I could support its program. I consider as its perspective head, the person possessing the big talents. It seems to me, the country can be proud of such president. Alexander Lukashenko has seemed to me the person kind and selfless .

it is interesting that some admirers of the known ballerina have arrived even from - for borders to see it. Their Belarus friends bought up expensive tickets on Swan lake packs.

its lawyer Anthony Kerman tries not to pass Any performance of the favourite dancer. Many newspapers of the world greedily wrote about the novel 26 - summer Anastass and 56 - the summer English multimillionaire. Itself Anastas says that with Anthony Kermanom it is connected only by friendship which is stronger than the most ardent love . However, the Belarus public will not see the promoter Anastass, he has decided not to go to Minsk.


- the Father the professional sportsman, in the past the champion of the USSR on table tennis, and now the trainer of Russian national team. Besides, it possesses absolute ear for music and has the higher music education. Thanks to genes of the father I have found forces to stand physically.

Mum was the guide across Petersburg. I am grateful to it for education and love to art. Now she is engaged in the organisation of my concerts, posters, advertising and as all is in time, I do not represent! Mum helped to build my solo program. Besides, it my close friend. When to me it is difficult or lonely, we can talk hours.

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