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Talk to me, the newspaper!

has become painful

Us as though is not present

you write on the most different subjects, sharp and topical. And only pensioners as if does not exist. And after all to be silent about travails of lonely, sick people which do not have money even on medicines and meal - is all the same what to pass along the street by dying and not to help. Pensioners have given up as a bad job. It is possible to declare increase of pensions and not to raise, it is possible to break such rent that at the old person hunting to live vanishes. If the young are cruel and indifferent to old men, the society will be reprobate. At old men is not present either physical, nor moral forces to go and ask, struggle for well-being. Not all have loving rich children, not all can work. It is inadmissible life of helpless people to transform into torture. Write about problems of pensioners. I give last money for an envelope .

A.Ivanenko, Minsk.

Cry from the heart

We suffered affliction not less

Here now give out indemnification to those who has been stolen to Germany for work. But who will give out indemnification to us, children - to orphans. And besides to refugees from villages where for 10 months there was a front. At us on front Dubrovenshchine stood 10 months, there was no live plot of land: splinters, mines, the shells, the broken technics. Fights were very cruel, the population has been expelled. We have gained much and nobody wants to hear about indemnification. Write that that whom have stolen to Germany, money gives for slavish forced labour. And how we worked in post-war village? Women dug up a virgin soil on 5 - 6 hundred parts in day shovels. Then children harrowed this earth on cows. And still the civilians dug trenches, and it was unbearable work. About all these people have forgotten, it is not necessary to them of any indemnifications. We, orphans, did not receive those privileges which children had, whose fathers have escaped in the war .

P.Bozhkov, A.Kolachev, Vitebsk region

my Wild beasts

the Cock is worse than a malicious dog

I Have arrived from Sakhalin to village on Braginshchine. Has gathered on a visit to the sister. Me have warned that at it the malicious cock and can attack me. I have burst out laughing and have gone. I approach to a gate, and towards to me the huge cock, yes such beautiful runs, the lovely sight is simple. How much in the nature of paints exists, so much them at it in feathers. Called its Fire. It did not start up me in a court yard while Nadja did not leave and has not told that I the. It admits nobody to the hens, but also to strangers, in a word, the decent cock itself does not run. On it it is possible to leave the house, for what will not start up a stranger .

M.Vlasenko, the Gomel region

the Response

Olga Shestakov. on an attraction in Brest the girl " was lost;

We have written that at lost there were no relatives, except the husband and the child.

To us have responded: Why you have written that lost Sashi does not have relatives I has taken away it with the sister when 8 and 9 years were it. So rectify an error, it had grandfather and the grandmother .

V.Sidortseva, Ivanovo.

Anna Ljashkevich the Good sentence - a severe sentence?

We have written that in Belarus the percent of severe sentences is unfairly high.

To us have written: My minor son has been denounced for very big term. It was not murder and not an act of terrorism. The court did not penetrate into any details. And it was not the most fair court. To the father the judge has told: you have already lost the son . Probably, already knew that after stolkih years in prison it will be lost for a society. It is a lot of such teenagers, they should give chance of correction. Do not throw this subject .

Egorina, Minsk.

From correspondence with readers

At my wife graceful beautiful feet. And it is impossible to find hairpins in shops of 42 sizes. And it has nothing to put in restaurant .

D, Kostjukovichsky r - n.

Not only that my husband has left to the ugly creature, so also at a daughter class rukovoditelnitsa psihopatka. Well, I also have seized stress .

M. The Grodno region

At us very beautiful nature. You will leave on lake and foot coast bend .

O, Braslavsky r - n.

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