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For the second Chernobyl nobody will pay?

just in Kiev has ended the Fifth sir - the European conference Environment for Europe . Ministers of wildlife management and environment participated In it from the majority of the countries of Europe, including from Belarus. We have not signed some reports on interaction in sphere the ecology supported by other countries. Why?

the Main reason name shortage of money. Though some conventions of monetary payments do not provide, on the rests it is necessary to pay from 2 - 3 thousand dollars a year. Thus our debt on payments already has made more 2 million dollars. On the other hand, to lose we risk not less. For example, the Report on a civil liability and indemnification for a damage caused by influence of transboundary industrial failures (he concerns the Helsinki convention and the Convention on transboundary failures and at us yet does not operate) guarantees that ecological accident abroad which has touched also us, will be paid by the originator. In other words, if failure on CHAES has repeated, Ukraine would pay huge indemnification.

Except material, there are also political reasons. For example, under the Convention on an influence estimation on environment in a transboundary context if we begin suspicious from the ecological point of view building near to border should warn about it and consult with neighbours, tell about structure and volume of emissions and so on. As a result other state learns about the enterprise almost all. And if the future manufacture is connected with oboronkoj? Belarus, in difference, for example, from Poland, in the NATO does not consist. As a result this Convention signed still in 1991, and has not come into force.

we have not signed the Kiotsky report on to the technical reasons . In it it is told about reduction of emissions of the gases creating greenhouse effect, and base have decided to consider 1990. In sew to the country emissions have started to count up only since 2002 - the World bank has given money.

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