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Pioneer camp on a powder keg

In camp at full speed there was an accomplishment. The brigade of road workers changed for a long time iskroshennyj a border. Unexpectedly the shovel has come across something metal. Have dug further - in the earth the cone which is obviously looking like a shell has seemed. Works have stopped at once and have called sappers. Those were terrified: the pioneer camp exists 30 years, and all this time kiddies went on fighting 125 - mm to a German shell. Sappers have defined that explosives was nearby 15 kg. The shell was well saved, besides in the earth it did not lie flatwise as often it happens, and stood a detonator upwards.


In career beyond Brest where townspeople like to bathe, four are found oskolochno - demolition an artillery shell. Shells were noticed by one of having a rest during bathing. Sappers have lifted since day of an open-cast mine 125 - millimetric shells of 1990 of release. As informs Belapan, it is not excluded that they have got here from the military unit located nearby.

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