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Has burnt down wooden Slutsk

This set Belarusfilm in Smolevichsky area cinematographers with love name Smolivudom . There spend shootings on location for many Belarus pictures. Wooden Slutsk has been constructed last year specially for a historical film Anastas Slutsky . These scenery have lighted up on June, 1st.

Firemen exclude that kindling has occurred from - for short circuit or for other technical reasons. Most likely someone has started a red cock on wooden scenery. Kindling has begun in one of four towers of a strong hold. That is artificial to make old a strong hold, the tree has been processed by pitch - so fire was instantly threw on other structures. In ten minutes all fake Slutsk blazed. When profits firemen, it was almost impossible to rescue scenery. The outdoor wooden constructions which were near to a strong hold have escaped some.

In the comment to us concerning happened the general director Belarusfilm Vyacheslav Shenko has told:

- Scenery was shabby, on 90 % has already worn out, we wanted to assort it. Usually scenery assort at once after the film is shot. Something goes on the fire wood, any material is used for new scenery. But as a film Anastas Slutsky it has appeared very difficult, we have decided to leave a wooden strong hold until, yet we will not hand over a picture. On May, 28th hudsovet has accepted to Anastas Slutsky and on June, 1st there was a fire. It turns out that we were not in time, have made for us others.

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