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The street of the Soviet army has sunk!

from - for break of a pipe of hundred samartsev were late for work

Friday morning has prepared an unpleasant surprise for samartsev, living in area of crossing of streets of the Soviet Army and Antonova - Ovseenko. Downwards rough streams along the street flew, to pass which it has appeared difficult enough. Stones, the boards, which townspeople tried to use instead of a planked footway, water there and then carried away.

most of all has not carried to students of economic university. The rough rivers on three - four metres in width cut off all courses and exits from high school literally. Children crowded on a porch and on islets between streams. To come into dirty and cold water the few have risked.

- you to us a box lunch provide! - had fun standing on a porch.

under the general triumph the undressed students have transferred through the river of the dean to which needed to leave urgently on affairs.

- well transfer me somebody! I to the doctor am late! - it was vainly converted to crowd elderly samarchanka. To it did not pay attention. This morning were late all.

Students of economic university have found the cheapest way out: have bought packages for feet.

the lucid minds have soon found a way out. Bought in shops polyethylene packages, obvorachivali them feet and on tiptoe stole a march.

as to us have told in MT Samaravodokanal failure has occurred around the house 165 on street of the Soviet Army from - for break of a pipe in diameter 90 see For all time has poured out about 1000 cubic metre of water!

- on scales of Samara it is damage an average, - Anatoly Kirsanov, the deputy director on MT manufacture " has told; Samaravodokanal . - But on its liquidation will leave about one days. Works will be conducted also at night.

to eliminate break have begun on Friday in 13. 00. For the period of repair work nearby houses will receive water in a mode of the lowered pressure. To 3 - 4 floors water will arrive as usual, and above - is worse. And here around economic university, in houses along street of the Soviet Army from Charles Marx`s prospectus to Blucher`s street, water will disconnect completely. For inhabitants will provide round-the-clock delivery of potable water by boilers.

- waters will suffice everything, - Anatoly Kirsanov has assured. - we Will try, that at townspeople from - for damages was as less as possible inconveniences.

Sergey`s BORODINOVA photo.