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The Gomel area struggles with wolves

Inhabitants of village Rudnja - Zhuravlyov that in Braginsky area, lately try to happen as seldom as possible in streets and do not release children to walk far from the house.

- My mum was bitten in broad daylight by a wolf, it now is in hospital. And our neighbours directly in a kitchen garden nearly zagryzla the she-wolf, - tells the inhabitant of village Ljubov Mironenko. - And predators attack not only in the afternoon, but also early in the morning. The she-wolf has bitten one man in five mornings when it went from a farm.

Local ecologists assert that in this season number of wolves in Half-Essky radiatsionno - ecological reserve and the next areas in eight times exceeds norm. them has divorced so many that we at all do not know, how with them to struggle. If to consider that in flight the majority are she-wolves who will breed, it is possible to present, they can bring what problems - ecologists complain.

Despite the wolf misfortune inhabitants braginskih villages do not panic. to us have told that the authorities are going to create brigades which will shoot predators. But we just in case keep in readiness who vily, who a fowling piece .

According to local physicians, wild wolves are terrible not only the aggression, but also furiousness. Now in hospital in a grave condition there are inhabitants of village Rudnja - Zhuravlyov which wolves have attacked one week ago. most likely in their organism there is a furiousness virus. We while will not judge results of treatment. We will tell so: chances of recover are, but it is necessary to try very much - doctors explain.

Brigades of experts - volchatnikov will start shooting of wild animals in the near future. Predators plan to destroy directly in a den.

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