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The Minsk fishers ask to clear out

In the main river of capital again life boils: in the beginning of May, after the first stage of clearing, in a channel have let out one thousand young pikes, 1,5 thousand carps and 25 thousand crucians. As soon as has passed hearing that in Svislochi has appeared fresh fish, the people with fishing tackles ashore became much more. Now the committee of natural resources and preservation of the environment sounds alarm: fish will catch earlier, than she will grow and will breed. To forbid to fish in Svislochi has nobody the rights, therefore it is possible to ask only. For a year of a small fish will just have time to grow up, and in the next spring when spawning will end, pikes, carps and crucians in Svislochi becomes in the sleepyhead times more.

And what fish it is impossible to catch?

By Rules of amateur fishery, in Svislochi it is impossible to catch: a pike to 35 sm, a carp to 30 sm and a crucian to 12 sm in length. If you catch at least one small fish not put The size, it is necessary to lay out the penalty: for a pike 0,4, for a carp 0,7 and for a crucian 0,2 from base size (base size of-13 thousand 300 rub).

And At this time

in the Afternoon fish in Svislochi catch fishing tackles, and at night - networks

the Correspondent has communicated to capital fishermen

Fish fasts on Svislochi have appeared occupied with the morning. Several men of different age and with different fishing equipment united one: neither about rules of fishers, nor anybody plainly did not know about penalties.

- Only that now spawning also cannot be caught several fishing tackles, - my interlocutor, the young man, has inspected two fishing tackles and a net. - but after all does not peck anything, what here you will catch? Today three small fishes for all morning. And rules In a society of fishers and hunters I consist, but there with them do not acquaint, have paid for a year - and all.

- And a leah it is necessary to catch fish in such dirty river? - I could not present to myself that someone will dare to eat fish from the dirtiest in Belarus the rivers.

- Neither I nor my cat it we do not eat. I fish only for pleasure: left in the morning the house, has sat a pair of clocks - and home in the affairs to be engaged. Though my friends this fish of a fur-tree, speak - is tasty. By the way, not such river and dirty, under the bridge on Nemiga of cancers catch, and they do not live there, where untidily.

the Second admirer of morning fishing too tried not for itself:

- I give this fish to the grandmother with the grandfather, they prepare it. I heard, what new fish are going to start up, but we, usual fishermen, how much we will catch? With whom it is necessary to struggle, so it with setevikami . At night on Svislochi people by boats float also fish this networks drag. And I here catch the sixth year also the inspector ryboohrany even never close saw.

the Third fisherman, the active man of pension age, over my question only has laughed:

- the Girl, about what you? We as at the Union live till now, and some, by the way, this fish - meal. You, probably, cinema of the American have seen enough, where fish will catch and well to let out. And I that posushu of what kotletki I will make. In societies I do not consist, catching to myself, and all.

Certainly, from a snout to a tail fin as it is written in rules, anybody does not measure fish. Nevertheless, almost all fishermen release small small fishes, and especially malkov if they come across on a hook.

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