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In Peter the president of Belarus had dinner behind one table with Kvasnevsky and Berlusconi

Perhaps, the original gift - model of the ancient Petrovsky tool is there was an only thing, than in the opinion of local public Belarus was allocated. And so Alexander Lukashenko has celebrated 300 - letie Peter strictly within the limits of the report. Probably, for this reason in telereportings of the Russian channels our president has not been noticed.

Though personally for itself Petersburg visit the head of the Belarus state could name unusually sated. During a presidential dinner (the meal on the ocean liner “Silver whisper” has been reserved on behalf of the president of Russia and his wife) Alexander Lukashenko was set for one table with the Polish leader Alexander Kvasnevsky, by the prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, heads of Malta, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium. However, the president of Russia had dinner behind other table. Hardly nearby on the right and near to the owner of a feast why - that have set … Leonid Kuchma.

But during a dinner Alexander Lukashenko managed to talk and to the president of Poland, to exchange a word with the prime minister of Italy and Canada. To talk to the head of the government and the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China. Well, and “for a dessert” there were short meetings with presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.

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