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In Chile have found the Belarus dinosaur

the Chilean paleontologists 28 - to summer David Rubilaru and 26 - to summer Alexander Vargasu managed to recreate a skeleton of a new kind of dinosaurs for 40 percent, using the fossils found in the north of Chile one of expeditions some years ago. As informs CNN, it is the fullest skeleton of a prehistoric animal which when - or has been found out in Chile. when we have found out for the first time that we face something absolutely new, we have visited paleontologic collections in Brazil and Argentina and have understood that this creation unknown earlier - have declared Rubilar and Vargas. But why it named in honour of the Byelorussian living in a XIX-th century?

The matter is that in Chile there is no more honoured scientist, than Ignatius Domejko. Chileans speak: Anybody in our country has not made for progress and it is so much development of a science, how much this Byelorussian . In 1838 it at the age of 36 years has arrived to the South America where taught mineralogy and chemistry. Domejko remained in America and became the rector of university in Santiago, has made a number of discoveries, has spent in Santiago a waterpipe, has organised mining operations... In 48 years the Ignatius married on 15 - summer beauty Enriette Sotamajor and has lived with it of 20 years. When the wife has died, on his shoulders education of two sons and the daughter has laid down. It is said that now worldwide lives about 2 thousand relatives of the Ignatius. The scientist in 1889 when he was 87 years old has died.

Day of his death has been declared in the afternoon national mourning, and Domejko have intoned the national hero. His name named a mountain ridge, a city, port, university, a mineral, ammonit, a fossil mollusc and one of violet kinds. Now here business has reached and a dinosaur. However, scientists still should defend the opening. Vargasa and Rubilara had opponents who doubt that this find - a unique Chilean dinosaur. The basic argument - remains are not well enough saved for definition of a new version. Eh, Domejkozavr would be live, it would prove!

Bon appetit!

Domejkozavr ate leaves... An indoor plant
the Herbivore reached in length of eight metres and liked to have a bite an araucaria

Domejkozavr (Domeykosaurus chilensis) veins in territory of modern Chile about 70 million years ago. It belonged to maloizuchennomu to family Titanozavrov. Domejkozavr, reaching eight metres at length and height of 2 metres in holke, possessed a long neck and a tail. Under the assumption of the Chilean paleontologists, domejkozavr ate araucaria leaves. It is interesting that today this coniferous tree (the maximum height 1,6) plant in room conditions.


That in the world is named in honour of Byelorussians

by the Name Tadeusha Kostjushki :

Tadeush Kostyushko - the head national - emancipating revolt of 1794 in Rechi Pospolitoj. Participated in war for independence of America, for as it is awarded by the highest fighting order of the USA - order Tsintsinato. The honourable citizen of France. The monument to it costs in Washington before the White house.

the Name Joseph Gashkevicha :

Joseph Gashkevich - the first Russian consul in Japan. Has made the first Japanese - the Russian dictionary. Has collected a unique collection of butterflies in the South America.

the VIP - poll

In what honour of the Byelorussian you would like to name something?

Evgenie Kryzhanovsky, the theatre director Hristofor :

- If have found still any good and kind dinosaur I would name its Hristofozavr. In honour of our theatre. After all to it of 15 years. And it unique variety theatre on the post-Soviet territory.

Edward Melnikov, the vice-president of the Belarus association of journalists:

- On a broader scale it is possible to name any chemical element which already exists, but Belorusiem is not allocated in the pure state. In honour of all of us. Its main characteristic should be uzhivaemost with other elements which in the nature among themselves do not get on. And propensity to dispersion worldwide.

Sergey Kaljakin, the chairman of the party of communists of the Belarus:

- In honour of Lva Sapegi it is safely possible to name one of the European libraries. It was the great educator. Though I also am not assured for all hundred percent that it was the Byelorussian. But, anyway, our ancestor.

Alena Adamchik, the photoartist:

- in the world it is necessary to name Something in honour of my husband - Adam Glyobusa. After all it an embodiment of the Belarus poetry and the literature. What exactly to name, precisely I will not tell. Though if to think, its surname already name the whole globe.

Olga Ipatova, the writer:

- Kastus Kalinovsky life has paid for the belief. When in Vilne have read to a sentence about hanging of a nobleman Kalinovsky, he has responded: There are no the noblemen, all equal . Also struggled for our and your freedom . So in Lithuania and Poland in each city of street and the area it is necessary to name his name.

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