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Temporary 5 - the percentage tax to sales remains for ever?

how horosheet in the centre Minsk, with taxes in capital that`s OK, tear up from all and with only. But here at us two news - bad and good.

BAD NEWS . Last year have entered 5 - the percentage tax to sales in retail trade. Was considered that is temporary: means for building of a city oncological clinic were very necessary. The clinic, the beautiful building equipped with the modern equipment, is constructed and remains for a long time. Remains for a long time and 5 - the percentage tax to sales in retail trade.

GOOD NEWS . This year the city authorities have removed 5 - the percentage tax from advertising distributors. And in April have entered reducing factors of land tax for legal bodies. For example, the enterprise in the centre of Minsk pays for hectare of the earth the tax of 15 million roubles, and on suburb - 3 million roubles. Land taxes for garazhno - building co-operative societies, youth housing complexes, individual builders, sadovo - country co-operative societies, for residents SEZ in Shabanah, for religious buildings are four times lowered. And for under construction cult constructions land tax is lowered in 10 times.


For a year minchane pay all taxes of 2 trillion 205 billion roubles. In the Minsk treasury remains 1 trillion 052 billion roubles, other money goes to the republican budget.

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