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Leah will pass the first local referendum in Belarus?

inhabitants of village of the Plane that in Maloritsky area, are going to hold a local referendum, - the reader has informed on it which has phoned to edition. Peasants will discuss, a leah it is necessary to create around a cemetery on a burial place of a radioactive waste. The question, what force will be had by the decision of this referendum?

Secretary Tsenrizbirkoma Nikolay Lazovik has described referendum procedure so: It is necessary to collect signatures at least 10 % of the population. Finances such actions only the local budget, results are valid only in that area where him spent. And the referendum only is held in the event that it is a question of local value. And if it is a question of the state level, all referendum - vain efforts of organizers. By the way, practice of carrying out of local referenda in Belarus yet was not .

And all from - that the authorities have decided to transfer a burial place of a waste of uranium ore from Brest to Plane village was started turning.

Alexander Palyshenkov, the first deputy of the chairman of the Brest Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies so has commented on a situation:

- These burial places are absolutely safe. Even now we did gaugings near to a waste: the background does not exceed the admissible. We in Brest, by the way, near to one such place have Department of Internal Affairs and executive committee. And anything...

the Regional authorities also have assured us of security of a waste. cemetery creation - the decision of the state level. The program is countenanced, and any danger to inhabitants does not represent. And all sensation - simple desire of some populizirovat itself and the sights - the chairman of executive committee Malority Kazimir Lapich has told.


as the Initiator of a referendum the deputy of local advice Vladimir Malej acted. We have not phoned To it, and here to the wife have talked: I not in a course of affairs of the husband. It does not work three years from - for the ideas, and houses we constantly quarrel for the same reason. Though signatures to it, apparently, brought .

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