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Samartsy remain without Houses - 2 ?

TV channel Orion the Samara broadcasting company " changes the partner

on First of July; Orion completely will change an announcement format. Instead of TNT the base channel at it becomes House . In June spectators have already noticed the first changes: for example, absence of news and reduction of time of a local announcement from 3,5 o`clock till 1 o`clock.

- I do not think that it for ever, - is told by Yury Bondarenko, the president of a broadcasting company Orion . - It is rumored that in Moscow here - here will pass the law on an obligatory local announcement for all TV channels. So local transfers can be revived.

in July instead of today`s local news and TNT - nyh programs repair School the Prohibited zone and the House - 2 spectators will look absolutely other telecomplete set.

It is informative programs of the Air Forces, walks with Paul Ljubimovym across Moscow, the Indian and Spanish films, serials Alphas First aid ... On cultivated Orion there will be Nikolay Drozdova, Oksana Pushkinoj`s author`s programs. The morning aether will be occupied with Elena Ishcheeva and the company.

- our audience - women from 25 years, - has sounded a policy of the channel House Yury Bondarenko. - and all who is focused on family values.

so while the house - 2 it will be possible to look only on a cable television or by means of the satellite aerial.

- as soon as in Samara will sign the agreement with the following speaker TNT, - Yury Mihajlovich has calmed samartsev, - we will inform on it.

and you are strongly afflicted that cannot look the House - 2 ? We wait for your responses!