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As podmaslit the car

If you consider that the engine oil role in work of your car is insignificant, be mistaken. Good engine oil not only has protivoiznosnye properties, but also protects the engine in extreme service conditions, increases run without replacement and that is important, allows to save fuel. And simply to buy expensive product of the known stamp insufficiently. It is necessary, that it approached your car.

Engine oils happen three types:

Mineral, semisynthetic, synthetic. Mineral butters are intended for old cars, semisynthetic approach practically for all types of cars foreign and a domestic production. Butters synthetic - the privilege of modern cars.

Now we will talk about that, the product of what stamp is better for buying. It would seem, what difficulties can be. Simply choose: OPTIMAL KG, TEXACO, MANNOL, SHELL or MOBIL. So I thought also, yet “have not overheard“ conversation of familiar experts: a pier, some businessmen give out butter of Polish “flood“ for high-quality German production. It, of course, is not deadly, but nevertheless guards. Especially, if still you blow off motes from recently bought car. So will not prevent at butter purchase in the market to ask for the seller the document which could tell to you about quality of the goods. In purchase autoshops it is possible to do more safely. Especially if these shops are representations of the known companies. Here not only quality certificates will show to you, but also will consult. If neither papers, nor words of sellers cannot calm your suspiciousness it is necessary to choose production of those companies which have appeared recently in the Belarus market (for example, m. of m. OPTIMAL). Probability that will forge them, is smallest.

Concerning the prices, I will remind that the defining factor is mineral this butter or synthetic. Synthetic is much more expensive.

So, for example, in shop “Auto world“, on Vaneeva, five litres of synthetic butter (0w - 40) LIQUI MOLY costs to 72 thousand it is white. Rbl., and 5 litres mineral (15w - 40) - 20 thousand roubles. If you would like both to “please“ the car and money to save, specially for such buyers there are semisynthetic engine oils (as a rule, with a viscosity indicator 10w - 40). In same “Auto world“ of 5 litres of such butter it is possible to buy for 38 thousand roubles.
except a viscosity indicator, the prices are influenced also by in what country engine oil has been made.

For example, in connection with euro growth rise in prices for import butters is noted. At the same time the Russian butters of the multinational corporation for the last half a year in the price have not changed.

One of the most expensive in Belarus is German production. Approximately at the same price level there is a butter of the Swedish manufacture. Further, in process of cost reduction, butters from France and Poland settle down.
the high price of butter is defined by popularity of a brand.

As to domestic “Naftana“, its production, strangely enough, not the cheapest.


the Seller Mark the Price in it is white. Rbl. for 5 l
Mineral Synthetic
Central Department Store MANNOL 48. 600 85. 700
“Auto world“ LIQUI MOLY 20. 000 72. 000
Market “Tractor“ SHELL from 18. 000 from 56. 000
SHOP OPTIMAL (Ostroshitsky) OPTIMAL 17. 000 50. 000
Shop “ the Eurocar “ (section PAK) the multinational corporation 11. 000 44. 000
Shop “ the Eurocar “ (section PAK) Texaco 29. 000 56. 000
Shop “Car-care centre“ (Vaneeva) NAFTAN 26. 000 -

Dmitry of FLANKS.

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