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The ticket for performances of Tovstonogov theatre was won by Tamara Jurtaeva!

From St.-Petersburg to Minsk with tours there comes the well-known Big drama theatre of G.A.Tovstonogova. For a week, from June, 16 till June, 22nd, minchane will see four best performances from Big Drama Theatre repertoire: “Before sunset”, “the Glass menagerie”, “the Family portrait with the stranger” and “the Californian suite”. For two at once on all performances we also have played the subscription past Saturday (“on May, 7th). Draw questions was such: hudruk Tovstonogov theatre Cyril Lavrov has enticed what director from Minsk - Grigory Kozlova, Andrey Maksimova or Nikolay Pinigina?

110 answers have come on our editorial pager, and the overwhelming majority correct - Nikolay Pinigin has left to work Minsk in Peter.

the Winner was defined, as always, by a lot. The prize has got to Tamara Jurtaevoj.“ We with a daughter have reconsidered almost all - all statements of Pinigina, therefore I precisely knew the answer, - Tamara Danilovna has told to us. - I since a youth the inveterate theatre-goer. By the way, earlier we lived in Leningrad, and in 67 - 68 - m stood years in long turns behind tickets in Big Drama Theatre, to this theatre then was not to get. Thanks you for the ticket. But even if I would not win, all the same would go on performances. The Tovstonogov theatre is my love ”.

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