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Make the family successful!

here the most desired days - warmly also have come, in a kitchen garden all has amicably ascended. Children have arrived on vacation and already inspect strawberry beds, finding the first one-sided berries. For the weekend all family gathers for shish kebabs Grace.

But behind all this country idyll not to forget and the main cares: how to save a potato from koloradskogo a bug, how to rescue tomatoes from illnesses, as, how it. At the summer resident always it is a lot of questions. So there is an occasion to write the letter in and to ask advice experts and experts. Or through the newspaper to fasten interesting dialogue with the same summer residents as well as you - perhaps someone`s experience is useful. Write to us to the address: 220005 Minsk, and/ I 192. We will necessarily find, than to help. And you the turn prompt: that you stirs, about what it would be desirable to learn more in detail.

By the way, do not forget to enclose in an envelope the country photos - our competition a successful family proceeds.

the Prize of month - an electric kettle which will allow you to arrange tea drinking on fazende literally in some minutes. And behind a cup of tea in the evening it is possible to gather not only the family, it is possible to invite neighbours and friends.

1. Here I think: most to eat a bucket klubnichki or to sell - with such signature have sent us the photo from a city Columns.

2. and Dima Kosarzhesky have not simply sent Minchane Sasha to us on photo competition, but also have told country story about a neighbour`s cat of the Saffron milk cap, which tjagaet at them doctor`s sausage. By the way, the letter was written by the senior - eight-year Sasha, it has made also an addition - Errors accept for smiles - that we with pleasure also have made.

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