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How to equip a reservoir

sooner or later, but each summer resident is fingered suddenly by idea - to decorate a site with a reservoir. The impressive sizes a pond with pleskajushchimisja goldfishes or the usual unusable bathroom dug into the earth, but surrounded with hygrophilous colours. Anyway the slice of a water smooth surface always draws a sight, calms and satisfies thirst of garden plants.

it is unconditional, the pool dug by a shovel or a dredge, then independently covered with a film. Covered with clay or concreted. You will be proud and brag to neighbours. But regret itself. Many innovations are Now thought up. Thanks to which to arrange a water oasis will not make the big work.

Where to dig

Prudik or other reservoir is better looks from windows of the house or about a rest corner. Keep in mind that water plants prefer the sun. Leaves from trees can litter water. Think and of children: they do not need to be without your supervision near to a reservoir.

what to get

Ready plastic capacities, in their use name galoshes. Think, it will turn out, how at others? Start imagination. Clean coast on - to the by means of plants and stones.

How to establish

Turn a galosh and put on the place released to it, outline a contour. It is necessary to dig a hole slightly more deeply and more widely capacity. A bottom make equal. Now fill up its wet sand a layer of 5 sm and again level. Establish in a hole a galosh. By means of level make so that its bottom was equal. Pour in prudik waters on height in 10 see Mix sand with the earth which has been taken out from a hole. Fill with a mix space between a trough and an earthen wall to level of juicy water. Again start up water. Continue operation until then. While prudik it will not be filled with water. And walls round it will not be fixed.

How to make the cascade

In cascades water flows, and its stocks should replenish constantly. For this purpose use the pump which capacity should correspond to volume of pumped over water, height of lifting and distance on which it is pumped over. Usually water take away from the bottom reservoir (the biggest) and pump over in the top. Hoses disguise or dig. Connect capacities by means of plastic streamlets. They are on sale, as, however, and systems of ponds.

Than to decorate coast

Making out coast, never put stones of the identical sizes an equal number and a plant on a ruler do not put. Depth of reservoirs is insignificant, therefore refuse landing in them of water lilies or water-lilies. And here nimfejnik, or aponogeton it is possible to place a jug. Use for them separate capacities, fill the heavy earth, landings powder with a pebble. Will enrich water elodeja, mercury, sitnjag. Kaluzhnitsa, mint water, veronika, strelolist, an acorus, susak do not demand strong zaglublenija. To them will suffice and 10 see Besides, now on sale much fontanchikov, diving lamps. All rests against the finance.

How to look after

Be adjusted that you prudik at any moment can blossom. Then it is necessary to change water parts or to put the filter. Modern plastic troughs maintain very low temperature. Do not release them for the winter from water, differently by the spring they are deformed.

How much and for what to pay

the Pond garden on 130 litres (1270x940x410 mm) from 38 c.u. *
on 150 litres (1300x950x410 mm) from 42 c.u.
on 180 litres (945x840x400 mm) from 47 c.u.
on 500 litres (2030x1300x460 mm) from 102 c.u.
on 1000 litres (2600x1250x600 mm) from 199 c.u.
*φενϋ wholesale

Tatyana MARTYNOVA. Natalia GRACHEVOJ photo.

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