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For the first time during a management of a national team of Malofeyev a press - conference has passed without excessive emotions from journalists and the trainer. Prospect to reach the final of the European championship for a long time already zavjala, and in viktoriju over kljujvertami and zeedorfami also players, seemingly, did not believe. when I have opened an aaplet of a match and have looked, in what clubs Dutches has felt shock play: Barcelona Milan the Ajax - the spare goalkeeper Belgian " has told after a match; Antwerp and the first guard of a national team Gennady Tumilovich. - That about ours - that to tell. I, for example, on a broader scale now do not play . It is sad, but it is frank. Have accordingly led and spectators (on tribunes was present 19 thousand). In spite of the fact that many have given for the ticket 15 - 20 thousand roubles, public began to leave stadium long before a final whistle.


Why Alexander Gleb has not got to a starting lineup?

the Leader of German Stuttgart has begun a match on a bench. One fans were surprised, and others spoke about educational Malofeyev`s method. That Edward Vasilevich indirectly also has confirmed: you read Gleb`s interview to the Russian newspaper Sports - the Express train ? He there explains, how prepares for a match with Holland ( Now I enjoy life - I have a rest... A comment red.) . I have asked it, why it has given such interview, after all the national team is not club, it it is ready above. Besides it has arrived to Minsk chilled. The medical control carried out on the eve of a match has stated an estimation well . But Belkevich and Romashchenko looked more preferable .

Gleb has told: If left in a starting lineup would feel itself much better and more confidently. But what you will do? The trainer " solves;.

Today youth and national commands take off for Austria. Molodezhka plays in the evening, and it is possible, in its structure we will see Gleb and Kutuzov. At least Malofeyev has not excluded possibility to help Yury Puntusu which command yet has not lost chances of an exit in the European championship ending.


the Command And In N P M About
Holland 5 4 1 0 11:2 13
Czechia 4 3 1 0 9:1 10
Austria 5 2 0 5 4:8 6
Belarus 5 1 0 4 2:10 3
Moldova 5 1 0 4 3:8 3

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