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In Vitebsk two mummies

Sisters Jadviga are found out and Sofia were similar against each other as like as two peas. Low, comely old women (1932 year of birth) appeared on mail in day of payment of pensions. If attracted attention, only noisy behaviour: one was deaf, the second - the deaf-mute. Where - that since November, 1999 of the old woman behind pension have ceased to come. In three months the social security of May Day area has been advised that pensions are not claimed also money for mail any more did not translate. About old women have forgotten.

Has seen to it only ZHEU: someone should pay utilities. Each of sisters had own one-room apartment. In June, 2000 kommunalshchiki even into militia with the statement were converted, a pier find for the gone old women: here already half a year they do not pay utilities and do not receive pension.

And in three years in ZHEU the man who was presented by the relative of sisters was declared and has demanded to open apartment. The door has been closed from within on a latch. Have hardly come inside - have frozen. One mummy lay on the kitchen, the second - on a bed. In a room and on kitchen window leaves have been opened that, probably, contributed in mummification process.

As have informed “in Office of Public Prosecutor of May Day area of Vitebsk, to establish, who from sisters has died the first - now it is impossible. It is known only that one old woman has died from sharp warm insufficiency. The cause of death of the second - is not established. Can from a grief?

Vyacheslav the WEAVER.

“ Yes … It simply mysticism any “

the Neigbour in a platform Alina Ivanovna:

- Yes, what you speak? I can not believe in it. Though … And truth, grandmothers - bliznjashki were gone about three years ago. I have noticed their disappearance, but have found a simple explanation. One grandmother has been registered in this apartment only. Other vein if to me does not change memory, in the next house in separate apartment. I have decided that they simply together to live steels at that, the second. About four years ago at our neigbour the husband has died. The person it was, to put it mildly, not reliable. Often drank, took an axe and allow to carry neighbour`s doors. As soon as it has died, bliznjashki have there and then come running to me behind the help. Together they to it have arranged commemoration. These sisters the friend without the friend of day could not live. Probably, only among themselves also communicated. That to them friends came, so I and will not remember. But friendship friendship, and they quarrelled strong. And in an hour stand in a threshold, embrace, reconciled.

- By sight it was years on seventy, such wrinkled low hardly hunched babuli. Also are similar against each other, as like as two peas. Put on modestly, lived in poverty.

- but who could think that they there in apartment the dead lie. After all and our apartments nearby. That - that, and we precisely would feel a characteristic smell. It I now understand that they could not move simply and never for three years into the house come. And neighbours have already got used that apartment a drawn game. Anybody there does not call, does not come. Happened, few times any pieces of paper at doors left it. Perhaps zhirovki or still that. But anybody did not take away them. Yes … simply mysticism any.


the PEOPLE HAVE told

What time should pass, that you have noticed, what you was gone the neighbour?

With such question the correspondent “ stuck to passers-by in streets of Minsk

- This very day, - the elderly woman standing at a fruit tray has resolutely responded. - we meet each hour the neigbour. On a visit to each other we go, a ladder together mine, near an entrance we sit. I all - all about it know.

Quickly to notice loss the girl who hid in a shade of the big tree with a baby carriage hopes also:
- As soon as will cease to shout and row in the evenings, means, something not that. Well and if some days keep silent, so I, probably, and I will become agitated.

the Man smoking at a stop, has declared that on a broader scale the nobility does not wish the neighbours:
- Let all of them would fail. Though the entrance pure would be.

young guy its and standing nearby Has supported:
- What neighbours? Were gone and is fine. Perhaps abroad have left.

One man has told that will notice loss only the friend from the next entrance: “ And to the others to me business is not present “.

other interrogated, having estimated, responded that will show vigilance where - that in weeks three - four.

With a question Olga ANTSIPOVICH


In centre Molodechno the mummy has lain ten years

In 1999 “ wrote about a similar story. The body 80 - summer Anastasii Vojnich has lain in one-room apartment of a high-rise building, by different estimations, from five till ten years. In this time the corpse has turned to a mummy. The first it has remembered social security department - a leah it is necessary to charge pension. The grandmother was searched by militia but why - that nobody has guessed to enter into apartment. There came even firemen. On a ladder have risen to the second floor and have tried to consider apartment in a window. However “ anything such “ there have not seen. The mistress have counted missing. From a mummy as it strange sounds, have removed pension and have released from payment for apartment.

On New Year`s Eve ownerless apartment Vojnich have decided to occupy. Judicial executors needed to understand with property of the grandma. A door have cracked. There also have found “ loss “. “ To the touch a mummy as a board and when on it to knock - a tree sound “ - eyewitnesses told then.


Mummification seldom, but happens, have explained in service is judicial - medical examination. It depends on coincidence of many criteria: temperatures in a premise, ventilation, weights of a body, presence of insects... Process takes about one year.


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