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I repaired the motor in the car, without feeling sorry manicure...

have passed those times when women did manicure on the big feasts, and men on a broader scale considered this word obscene. Today in an armchair manikjurnogo an office it is possible to meet both the lady, and the gentleman, and even the child, and visitation of the manicurist became usual hygienic procedure. Moreover, at women nails were included into the category of the same ornaments, as clothes or costume jewellery. The list of nails even is erected in a rank of art and has received the name nejl - arta. It is good, if you have seized this art independently and if is not present? Behind professional manicure and advice of the master we have gone to one of capital beauty salons. And beauty of nails we have decided to guide not to the journalist, and the journalist colour = #B50021 > be tested ON ITSELF

Nails of the present macho should... Are covered by a varnish

to put nails in order? The offer tempting. Has come to salon, all grandly and beautifully. Communicate with me so, as if I their new director. Has sat down in an armchair - ljubota. But as soon as the master has laid out manikjurnye tools, there was a sensation as if me put on a surgical table, and through consciousness dying away from a narcosis hear: the Sister, a clip ... The iron rake for removal kutikul (so, it appears, is called the thin skin round a nail) obviously reminded a scalpel.

- Weaken a hand, - the girl asks.

the Pancake how here you will relax? But after my two fingers became similar to images from advertising posters, began to receive from process pleasure. Have filed, have anointed with butter, cut off kutikulu, have anointed with a cream, have massaged... I will not tell that thin skin cutting is not felt at all. But to this unusual sensation you get used quickly. It would be possible to manage and without surgical intervention - to make the European manicure. It when kutikulu remove an orange stick. But the stick is effective only when hands more - are less well-groomed. I in the first visitation manikjurnogo an office have appeared sub-standard .

As the curtain fell nails for protection have varnished - not colour, but special, man`s, under name Nails for Mails (it is translated type Nails of the present macho ) . It is not given out even by shine. So the present muzhiks can not kompleksovat - that hands are well-groomed, they do not seem less courageous.


a photo And. Konotop


Recommendations how to look after hands, the master on a pedicure and salon manicure " gives; Galina Ekaterina KOVRIZHKO.

- If you want, that kutikula at a nail grew less, it is necessary to pass to the European not edging manicure. Such manicure is recommended to men and children.

- Before to put a varnish, cover nails with a special basis. Its structure, as a rule, includes calcium and other strengthening additives. Using a basis, nails can be held under a varnish constantly, whereas without a basis it is necessary to give to nails rest at least put - two in a week.

- to Make hands smooth and gentle it is possible by means of a srub. Use it of once a week.

- it will be necessary For house manicure for you: means for a softening kutikuly, a wooden stick, nippers, a nail file for podpilivanija nails (it is better cardboard), three - a quadrilateral nail file with different surfaces for polishing of nails. All these tools need to be kept clean: to boil or wipe spirit.


a manicure Complex (processing of nails, massage, a covering a varnish) - from 3500 to 25 thousand roubles. The average price across Minsk - 10 - 12 thousand.

French manikju r (a popular covering when the nail edge becomes covered by a white matte varnish, and all plate transparent that gives to nails a healthy and well-groomed kind) - from 10 to 25 thousand.

Hot manicure - from 10 to 25 thousand.

Nejl - art (drawings on nails) - from 7 to 25 thousand.

Escalating of nails (on a usual nail it is imposed strong artificial, made of acryle and a plastic plate - tipsa. It is necessary to do correction of nails of time in 2 - 4 weeks.) - From 30 dollars, updating from 15 dollars.


the Prominent aspect in work of beauty salons - safety of health of the patient. After each visitor a working little table and tools, and also hands of the master should be processed by antiseptics. For work disposable napkins should be used. All it is supervised sanstantsijami cities. If you have noticed that the master does not observe norms of hygiene and has not processed an antiseptic tank tools after the previous client, in such salon it is better not to be late. Some Minsk salons practise use of individual tools for repeat clients. If want garantirovanno to save itself from infections and a fungus, come to salon with the nippers and nail files.

1 stage - circumcision and podpilivanie nails
2 stage - rasparivanie
3 stage - drawing of means for softening kutikuly and otodviganie a shovel
4 stage - circumcision kutikuly
5 stage - polishing by a mill (in the presence of callosities, in particular, at men)
6 stage - drawing of a cream and massage
7 stage - nail degreasing, drawing of a protective basis, 1 - 2 varnish coat and a fixer


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