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More often not to sneeze - it is necessary to walk in the rain

Allergists allocate 5 kinds of the most widespread allergens (substances which call allergic reaction people):

More often our pets become the allergy reason. And the inhabitant is assured that it is possible to be warned against danger if to get “a bald“ animal - a sleek-haired dog or a cat. Meanwhile the pig can become the allergy reason even.

Experts warn that a skin of sleek-haired animals - one of the most widespread allergens.

So-called epidermalnaja the allergy (which the allergy on epidermis animals concerns) is the skin reaction resulting long contact to your pupils. At first there is a reddening, and then and small vysypanie on a skin of the person which can call a strong itch and unpleasant sensations.

Precisely to define that you were comprehended by it angrily, it is possible with the help allergologicheskogo testings - the analysis of blood and epidermalnyh tests on a skin of the person. An allergy indicator is the certain quantity of allergic antibodies in blood of the person. In their norm should be 40 ME (antibodies).

On a broader scale, epidermalnoj allergies, as well as are subject to other kinds of allergic diseases people in children`s and middle age more often. And here at older persons the allergy meets seldom enough. And here pyltsovaja the allergy lets know about itself at any age. It is very difficult to get rid of it. Therefore people with an allergy to pollen of plants should accept antiallergenic preparations constantly. Also those who consider are not so right that it is a seasonal allergy - such version of allergic disease meets often enough at any time year. A difference only in a plant calling allergic reaction. Certainly, the person cannot have an allergy at once on some inflorescences, therefore and it develops only during flowering “ personally yours allergetikov “. From here and its name - seasonal.

So, in June - July badly it is necessary to people with an allergy to pollen of cereals: timofeevke, mjatniku, a rye, etc. And in August - with an allergy on lebedu, ambroziju, a nettle.

During these periods allergists advise as seldom as possible to go out of doors in windy weather. It is better to wait rainy days when the rain will beat these wreckers.

the Most unpleasant kind of allergic disease - eating. As most “ Dangerous “ irritants (they and very tasty) - meat and dairy products, the citron fruit, all red berries, various sweets and even eggs.

Treatment at such allergy one - a diet.


If you became a victim of one of five kinds of allergens, consider that the use in food of a tuna, a strawberry, wild strawberry, a sorrel, citron, eating dyes only aggravates a current of any allergic disease.


Probability of a birth of the sick kid at mother having propensity to an allergy it is equal 30 %. If allergic diseases both parents such probability considerably increases - 70 % suffer affliction. And the direct interrelation between a version of an allergy of parents and the child is not present.

we Give thanks for the help by preparation of a material of the main allergist of Ministry of Health RB Skepjana Nikolay Antonovicha


According to stand of allergology and a professional pathology of BelMAPO (the Belarus medical academy poslediplomnogo educations) from among allergic diseases registered in Belarus:

all in the country 2 % the population suffer affliction any allergic diseases;

57 % are necessary on respiratory organs (irritation the household and chemical dust, pollen of plants, wool of animals calls);

32 % - on integuments (among allergens foodstuff which call a diathesis and a neurodermatitis children and teenagers prevail);

7 % - an internal (are surprised various chemical substances);

4 % - the allergy amazes other bodies.


the Clinic on Priluksky “ Lode “ 10 - I city hospital the Center of laser medicine
Consultation of the allergist the Allergologist is not present, but it is possible to receive free of charge consultation dermantovenerologa 21 000 - for adults
15 750 - for children
7 000 23 220
Epidermalnye of test (allergen implantation) 10 200 7 tests - 7 000
14 tests - 13 000
On aller - giju do not do
the blood Analysis On an allergy do not do the blood analysis Is necessary, the doctor solves, and the price depends on that, how much allergens will be found out in epidermalnoj to test 36 000