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With - in circus!

the big international circus has arrived to us at all for a long time: already in the middle of summer the circus will leave on tour in the USA. Meanwhile, both this kingdom of exotic animals will be interesting to adults and children: spectators will see performances a baboon and a crocodile, a leopard and a panther, a monkey and an anaconda. Even adults will hold the breath during number Predators on freedom : the leopard and a panther will appear on a scene without an iron grid between them and spectators. And open both branches of the program the Romanian gymnasts under the direction of Brindushi Novak. They have received prize-winning places for the skill at the circus festival most well-known in the world in Monte - Karlo.

answer a question of draw and win three tickets for the new program from and Belgostsirka: when in Belarus the first circus - a chapiteau has opened?

on May, 15th, 1720.
on November, 16th, 1884.
on August, 17th, 1905.

Answers are accepted within Saturday, on June, 14th, on a pager 207 - 00 - 00, ab. 6218.

do not forget to leave contact phone! The name of the lucky will define a lot, and we necessarily will call back to it. Good luck!

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