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Three vitebljan have detained for sale of shooting pens

It appears, espionage features (classics of a genre - shooting cigarette cases, cuff links and etc.) Are not too difficult in manufacturing - the usual Vitebsk mechanic has managed to make at itself on work of 12 shooting pens. Together with two jobless accomplices local kulibin already was has begun weapon realisation as it has appeared later... To employees Vitebsk UBOP. How in militia the information on handles - pistols has arrived, professionals hide - military secret. One is known: that to cover criminals, it was required to guards of one and a half month of careful shadowing.

detained criminals simultaneously: one in own garage, other house, the third in the street. After at dealers have withdrawn shooting handles, employees UBOP have gasped. the weapon has been made is so thin that in appearance never would think that this is white - is yellow - the grey handle can shoot, - tell in militia. - it is similar on in what multi-coloured cores are located some, only hardly is more thin. To describe difficult. White cap of one centimetre, further the case from carved bronze of centimetres ten. Inside the special mechanism. On a cap fastening that it was possible to hang up in a pocket. Handles melkokalibernymi pulkami " shoot;.

Under statements of experts, in destructive power these handles do not concede to Margolin`s pistol. Better to say, on distance of three metres through beat a dense board.

Now criminals are behind a lattice. At the best it shines from two till eight years of prison.

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