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Dealers caesium have earned term

In a role a merchant employee UKGB on the Mogilyov area has acted. It was ready to lay out for the goods of 450 thousand dollars. Guys demanded to pay at once, the buyer asked to show the goods at first. shows have been appointed on suburb of Bobruisk, near garage of one of sellers. a merchant has shown money, and from garage to it have taken out in a usual bucket the metal cylinder it is powerful 35 kgs. a merchant has made gaugings on radiation. It has appeared, the container fonil in 20 times more norms. The transaction has ended with detention of sellers. Then they have given out to security officers and the second container. It, by the way, was stored here, near garage, in a garbage heap.

Containers have been sent for examination in institute of power and nuclear researches Pines NAN. Experts have drawn the conclusions that in containers caesium - 137 contains. Presumably, the given types of blocks of sources of ionising radiation are used in radio isotope devices.

it was during the investigation found out that bobrujchane acted in a role of dealers. A certain citizen of the Russian Federation has brought to Belarus containers with radiation also has asked the acquaintance, the inhabitant of Bobruisk, to find buyers. That has agreed and took in business of three friends.

On Thursday the court of Lenin area of Bobruisk has pronounced a sentence. For complicity and illegal sale of radiating materials bobrujchane have received from 2 till 4 years of imprisonment. And here the owner of containers on freedom. Detain its Russian special services could not.

As to containers with caesium - 137 the decision them to bury is accepted. Other application, according to experts to find it it is impossible - on containers there are no recognition symbols and engineering specifications.

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