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In Crimea having a rest roll on fighters the INSTANT

As it is better to reach Crimea?

the Majority chooses a train. Through railway service to peninsula Crimea is adjusted from several cities of Belarus. The reserved seat ticket from Minsk costs 50 thousand roubles, compartment - 78 thousand. To children till 5 years journey free, but, certainly, without a separate place, and the children`s ticket (with 5 till 10 years) will manage in third of overall cost. Trains in a way about 30 hours. But it is necessary to think of tickets in advance. There are also other variants.

Travel agencies promise to deliver to the sea by bus. It a bit faster and more cheaply, however not all can sustain daily moving on a car. The ticket there - will back manage nearby 40 - 45 dollars. To children usually throw off 5 - 10 dollars. Well, and at last the most comfortable, but also the most expensive way - the plane. In June there is only one flight Minsk - Simferopol, but in July two will increase more. To fly to Crimea two hours. One way ticket cost - 118 dollars, there - back - 189. To children the air ticket will manage three times more cheaply.

Where to go?

Crimea is divided into three parts - flat, mountain, steppe - and in each of these areas there is a charm. Therefore at a choice of a resort you should be defined that you have more to liking: the nature similar on Central European, - poezzhajte then to Evpatoria and the Black Sea area, mounts - then on Southern coast, steppe open spaces - in the Lenin area grasping at once two seas - Black and Azov. At a vacation spot choice talk to acquaintances, read responses on the Internet (for example: planetakrim. com, crimaniak. com, crimea. naiti. ru), but rely only on itself. The matter is that it is frequent about the same resort small town you will hear absolutely different responses: from frankly scornful to the enthusiastic. Though there are characteristics with which you will not argue. In the east (Evpatoria, Black Sea...) the climate is softer, here the best children`s resorts and extensive sandy beaches. On Southern coast (Yalta, Mishor, Alushta...) Most of all sunny days, temperature above on some degrees, and mountain landscapes in a combination to the sea bewitch the same as exotic vegetation of these places. In a steppe part - Leninsk area (sea of Azov) - resorts less popular, but more silent, cheap both poorly populated. Especial and sea of Azov. Its greatest depth of 13 metres and consequently it is warmer Black, a shallow lasts on some tens metres that is good for bathing of children.

What rest to choose?

In Crimea the majority has a rest savages . Simply is cheaper. The cot - a place costs from 2 dollars, and one-room apartment from 10 dollars. Naturally, to eat to savages it is necessary. If you have decided to glance in cafe the dinner from three dishes will manage approximately in 2 - 2,5 dollars. And in the evening in some bars and restaurants where offer the entertaining program, demand to make the minimum order - 6 - 10 dollars.

If do not want to have a rest savages at your service boarding houses, bases of rest, hostel and sanatoria. It will be more expensive. If call in Minsk turifirmy be convinced that the prices in cheapest of them start to dance with 13 dollars for days (with three meals a day). But for this money to me offered number with amenities on a floor or in a court yard. For more comfortable life also take on pair dollars more. It is a lot of variants, and all depends on a thickness of your purse. Here again - taki independently there are Azov resorts. If at the Black Sea coast JUBK all enviable places in boarding houses and sanatorium are already bought in advance up by travel agencies in this area for the present it is possible to be arranged not bad in the summer also. So, in coastal base of rest in the city of ShChelkino for 10 dollars a day offer comfortable habitation in small houses with all conveniences and three meals a day.

Where to go on excursion?

Crimea is good that it gives choice possibility. It is possible not only luxuriate under the sun on a beach, but also to stir up itself fascinating excursions. To buy a map easier and to define that to you on more shower. To travel more cheaply and not to pay service of travel agencies but then it is necessary to see to it both about tickets and about journey. The organised excursions stand on the average 6 - 7 dollars. Before going on excursion, learn, how much it long and a leah its children will sustain. Not all on forces campaigns uphill or dampness and a cold of caves. And in the rest to learn Crimea is a huge pleasure!

On the tourist map of peninsula published in 2003 by the ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea, 58 most popular sights are noted. To get acquainted with everything, holiday will not suffice. The majority of miracles is on Southern coast of Crimea.

the Rating of the Crimean sights

the Swallow`s nest, Alupkinsky, Jusupovsky and Livadijsky palaces, falls Wuchang - the Sou, bewitching beauty a mount Ah - Petri with a rope-way and etc. Necessarily it is necessary to go on excursion to the cave cities located around Bakhchisarai. In the Pike perch many aspire to look grandiose Genoa a strong hold. Very fascinatingly passes time in the Karadagsky reserve located in Koktebel.

To go on the sea and not to make travel on a boat - means to lose indelible impressions. The prices change, but last year sea walk 1,5 - cost 2,5 hours 3 - 5 dollars. Possibility to bathe from a boat in the high sea is sometimes given.

in general entertainments in Crimea will suffice for all tastes: diving, flights on parachutes, rock-climbing, campaigns and walks on horses. What to speak, even if suggest to do some flying on fighting INSTANTS. The main thing - to go with good mood.

That you would want to learn about rest in Crimea?

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