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Win a vacation package on Naroch!

BELARUSTURIST is 9 hostels, 9 turistsko - improving complexes, 31 travelling agencies, the organisation of tours in the various countries of the world... But mainstream BELARUSTURISTA there is a rest in Belarus. The general director of BELARUSTURIST Ruslan MALEK tells about possibilities of rest on the largest camp sites of republic.

- in the summer many aspire to leave on the south, to the sea. In your opinion, what advantages of rest in native land can become the basis to spend house holiday?

- I consider that rest in Belarus for us is more effective: at the sea we spend two weeks for which it is necessary to have time to adapt for the sun, water, a food. Rest in Belarus are magnificent places that for many of our people becomes the amazing opening, a habitual climate, water and foodstuff, possibility to be engaged in active kinds of rest.

- For our readers you play a vacation package for 12 days in turistsko - an improving complex Naroch . What this year waits for those who will arrive to have a rest on this unique lake?

- the CURRENT Naroch is a hostel with numbers a suite, a junior suite and the house-keeper - a class, pool and saunas, a network of summer small houses, hire point, restaurant and cafe this year we have tried to give more attention to leisure: all season di - dzhei the Radio Alpha will organise for having a rest fascinating animation programs with competitions and a disco. And on lake it is possible will not only fish, but also to practice diving.

- It is considered to be that rest in Belarus is Naroch and Braslavsky lakes. Where you would advise to go that who would like to have a rest in new, not less beautiful places?

- All of us admire creativity of Jakuba Kolasa, knowing that the native land nature was one of sources of its inspiration. In the same place, where there is a house of Kolasa, - on the bank of Neman in Stolbtsovsky area our base " is located; High coast . Unique places on bases White lake in the Brest area and Wood lake in Baranovichsky area. Rest here can be as accessible - in a network of summer small houses, and comfortable - in euroclass numbers. In detail learn about rest possibilities in Belarus you can in bureau BELARUSTURIST - Minksturiste Grodnoturiste Mogilevturiste and etc.

to win a vacation package, cut out the coupon with logo BELARUSTURIST and send to the address:

220071 Minsks, street Platonova, 22, with a mark: Have a rest! .

the Name of the winner we declare in next week. Coupons are accepted till June, 19th.

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