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The gandbolnaja national team of Belarus has made sensation

When the young Belarus national team left qualification of the European championship in the following selection round - plej - off, it was still good. But the lot in rivals to a team of Spartaka Mironovicha has written out the strongest national team of the world - Croats. Therefore anybody from Byelorussians already also did not dream of Europe, were adjusted to lose adequately. To it all also went - Byelorussians conceded two thirds of match 5 - 7 balls. And on 44 - j to minute national team game was transfigured. In collars Igor Sokolovsky shone, and in attack visitors could do nothing with bombardirskim Sergey Gorboka`s talent. For four minutes up to the end Byelorussians conducted 30:28, and for a drawn game Croats should thank the lucky stars and, probably, the arbitrator.

In a return match it is enough to our rivals to win with any bill. However we already absolutely on - to another will look at our command. In a draw with superstars of world handball have played thanks to children from the national championship. Besides a basis of the updated team very much young - 1980 - 1982 year of birth. On expression of Mironovicha, it is better to lose with prospect .

After 21 - summer Sergey Gorbok has thrown in gate of world champions of 12 balls, about it it is possible to speak as about a star of world level. Perhaps, since well-known Tuchkina and Yakimovich in a national team was not so bright bombardira. he Played decently, is not worse than world champions, - Mironovich has told. - Many eminent clubs will become interested in Sergey, but for a national team it is bad. As practice shows, children go abroad and for the country do not want to play . The president of club Arkatron - the Ministry of Emergency Measures Leonid Nazaruk does not hide that if the favourable offer from the western club arrives, Gorboka to keep hardly it will be possible. Also asks to praise less than the leader of a national team: otherwise you will not get to a tip of his nose and ruin pressing forward to perfection. And to it still to grow and grow. I consider Sergey crude the player who should add still .

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