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The Belarus businessmen without the permission cannot work?

recently the Belarus businessmen receive a gift behind a gift. Last December it have resolved to register business in own apartment. And in two weeks, according to the president, the decree project " should be finished; About licensing of separate kinds of activity . Under this decree the quantity of kinds of activity for which the licence is necessary, is reduced. Them will be not 165, but 49. All businessmen the same sum - 90 euros will pay Thus for licences.

But despite all innovations, the main gift Belarus to businessmen, probably, will not wait. According to ONT, Alexander Lukashenko considers wrong the offer to pass today on zajavitelnyj a principle of opening of those or other enterprises.

Now in Belarus the allowing principle of check in operates. Before being registered, the businessman should collect a bale of papers: from tax, sanstantsii, Fund of social protection and etc. Besides that for each inquiry it is necessary to pay, sometimes on gathering of documents one month leaves not. Moreover, having considered all papers, check in to the person can and refuse.

In the meantime in Russia and in Ukraine the enterprises start to register on zajavitelnomu to a principle is when businessmen submit documents in one window . The businessman can simply carry the papers in registering body, in some days to obtain the permit and to start to work. Tax and sanstantsii on occurrence of the new enterprise will inform registering body.

In Belarus about a notifying principle while it is told only in the bill on check in. But when it will consider - it is not known.

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