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In Skirdimy it is necessary to go with the water

In a village of Skirdimy that in Smorgonsky area, 21 hut: 12 inhabited, the others are empty. At first countrymen have been cut off from a civilisation. Phones about 10 years ago have ceased to work - speak, the cable has rotted through. Anybody to change it for the sake of unpromising old men did not gather. There was a fire, and inhabitants ran in the next village Bondatishki to call rescuers. Those came, and houses had time to burn down. And with people. Has seized heart - but fast came too late.

Now the new misfortune - in rural wells has disappeared water. At all. Old men go behind it to next Mirklishki. Unique rescue for them - a rain. They rejoice to it as our ancestors, and are ready to accept paganism, if only from the sky dripped at least every other day - another. Then under drains they substitute all empty ware in the house and thus are reserved by a moisture for some days. Sometimes children and relatives rescue from thirst - they know that in Skirdimy it is necessary to go with the water. In the winter to give to drink cattle, skirdimtsy put in feeding troughs and hay, and snow.

the Power local, Krevsky, the Village Soviet the exit sees only in chink drilling on depth of more than 30 metres. There water is. But the drilling metre costs 70 thousand, on it there is no money. All hope at all on old man pensions, and to the aid children. Here if they are dumped, then and burit it will be possible.

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