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Tomorrow do not start up in the house of extraneous animals

In the people believed that Ilya - the prophet drives about on the sky on a fiery chariot, and told about it legends. In villages of the Moscow and Vladimirskiy provinces in olden time said that Ilya, the son of poor peasants, till 33 years sat for a long time on the furnace because could not go. As - that by there was a Lord with Nikolay - the flatterer and has asked waters to get drunk. And Ilya as if has responded: I am glad a tax, yes I can not rise . Then the Lord has scooped in a well a pailful and ordered to drink to Ilya, and then still a bucket and more half-buckets. After the Lord has asked: a leah you in yourself Feel now force? and Ilya has responded supposedly feels so much force that can povorotit the whole world on - to other . Well it is exact as in legends about other Ilya - Muromtsa. Then Nikolay - the flatterer to it force six times has lowered, and the Lord   has told: Own a fiery chariot while I again will not come on the earth, and let in thy hands henceforth there will be a thunder and a lightning to amaze assemblies of evil spirits and violated the law God`s the sons human .

For this reason on the eve of Ilyin of day (that is today) devils and other evil spirits, escaping from fiery arrows of the prophet, are converted into hares, foxes, dogs, cats, rats and try to get into human habitation. To let in them it is impossible, and that in your house will be struck by a lightning. And the pets during a thunder-storm cannot be let out for a threshold: in them the evil spirit can be installed. If all during a rain the dog strongly asks on street, adhere to a collar three red woollen threads and do not suppose contact to other animals.

Ilyin water

the Rain which goes this day, too has magic force. Rain water collect in wooden, silver or metal ware. It wash to avoid Enemy navetov, napuskov and charms . Seven drops Ilinoj of water splash on a nape a pet to save them from damage.

And still this water wash out mirrors. If the person whom you suspect of sorcery or in desire of harm to you comes to your house and your family, after its leaving it is necessary to wipe a mirror in a corridor or a bathroom. This means will save you from misfortunes and misfortunes.

Ilyin a thunder-storm

And to make a thunder-storm harmless, the people have thought up here such prayer: My God terrible, my God wonderful, zhivyj in vyshnih, sedaj in heruvimeh, hodjaj in a thunder, possessing lightnings, calling water sea and spilling on the person vseja the earths. My God the wonderful! Itself execute the enemy of the devil; always, nowadays and prisno, and for all eternity. Amen .

By preparation works   are used; the Russian historian and ethnographer A. P.ShChapova.