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Over the Moskva River has ascended Northern star

On Saturday in Moscow has passed the First Moscow festival of yachts. At Pushkin quay parade the best yachts of a city all the day long went. yes it is fine, the best, - one of spectators sceptically grinned, - on approaches to Rublevke and not such will meet! but the show and truth was effective - on one yacht of a curtain are finished by pastes of Svarovski, on another - salon completely design, onboard the third the long-legged beauty from modelling agency reclines...

To the feast beginning on superjahte Northern star have brought the mayor of Moscow. Yury Mihajlovich was in idle time jeans kurtochke and happily smiled. Probably, from Luzhkov`s easy hand in Moscow soon yachts become same fashionable, as honey fairs and jumps. At least till the end of the year at us will pass two World championships on yachting (one - in August, another - in September), over the Khimki water basin have already started to raise transmission lines that no mast has hooked, and in the near future in Moscow are going to construct 12 new sailing clubs.

Most abrupt on a feast has been recognised three-deck 35 - the metre yacht Northern star . It have developed in Holland, have stylised in England, and have constructed at the Moscow ship-building factory. Though it was also the presentation of yachts, Northern star remained the unique closed territory - in strangers did not start up. There there has passed only the director of ship-building factory, having removed expensive boots on approaches to a gangway, yes the TV presenter of Dan of Borisov, which shoes on heels too have forced to take off not to scratch expensive parquet. Very beautiful yacht, - has told to us of Dan, - but at Abramovich it is all the same better!

According to employees of factory, speed Stars - 12 sites, and from within it reminds dorogushchy hotel. Furniture there from a cherry. and still, - happily smiling, have told the master, - at us special artists are, with which walls on expensive yachts in toilets manually paint. the highest wave and so on...

the Yacht Northern star on it show has been recognised the best.

Northern star Have estimated in five millions dollars and declared in sale, but very many this day have told to us that the yacht prepare in a gift to the mayor of Moscow, and even have attached in view of that George Pobedonostsa on a nose.

On some yachts a parquet such road what to go on it it is necessary on hands.

- We did not hear that the yacht will give to Luzhkov, - the factory were surprised. - most likely, we of the mayor simply prokatili.