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In Moscow now it is possible...

to itself guides.

If you love and appreciate the city, know about it interesting stories and the entertaining facts and want to share it with others, welcome. On the Internet the special program of the pedestrian walks across Moscow is created. According to its schedule people gather in in advance stipulated place and arrange travel on small streets of Moscow. In such walks everyone can become as the guide, and simply investigator. And still here it is possible to find new interesting acquaintances.

Internet address: www. moskva. kotoroy. net

... To admire a zoo at supper

the Burro grazed before restaurant, became one of few sights of Kopteva.

In a tavern Gostini dvor on Volkova have thought up to entertain visitors mini - a zoo. While mum with the father have supper, their baby will take for a drive on the burro or will allow to stroke a rabbit, a polecat or a chinchilla. By the way, the burro became place of interest of Kopteva: since early morning and till the late evening it is grazed on a lawn through road from a tavern.

the Address:   the m. item Vojkovsky   street of the Cosmonaut   Volkova, d. 12, ph. 708 - 20 - 28.

... To see some rainbows at once

It appears, commandoes climb in fountains to stand between two rainbows.

the Rainbow in Moscow - the phenomenon rare. However there is a place where she always can be seen in solar weather and if will carry - that and some pieces at once. This place - the All-Russia exhibition centre on the underground item VDNH a fountain the Stone flower . The streams of water beating in the sky, are directed in such a manner that over a fountain constantly hangs a smoke from the smallest droplets. A sunlight, passing through it, it is reflected and creates a rainbow. As a fountain of the big size usually them arises a little. The main thing - needs to be remembered that the person who has appeared between two rainbows, will be forever happy.

Where to look: the underground item VDNH the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, behind pavilion 1 Assembly of the people of Russia a fountain the Stone flower .

... To present favourite a serenade performed by the presents marjacho

Marjacho is the same macho, but with a guitar.

Ah, interrupt the sweet dream, leave, the darling, on a balcony! many enamoured comes to sing thought favourite a serenade. Alas, to carry out it not always it is possible. Either the voice is not present, or fear to be mocked crosses out all romantic plans. Now professionally sing for you can marjacho (the Mexican musicians singing on weddings and celebrations). Three daring machoes in national suits with indispensable sombreros and guitars in pure Spanish will anthem beauty of your favourite. And to call them it is possible not only under high-rise building windows, but also in office.

Performance will last 10 - 12 minutes, for this pleasure it is necessary to lay out 5500 roubles.

Where to be converted: to reserve a serenade it is possible by phone 764 - 52 - 96.

it would be desirable, that this page was useful to readers. In the courageous dreams we and see, how they, having read this release, will plant favourite on the burro, will give a raccoon and will carry to tell to it about Moscow to the accompaniment of serenades in Spanish.

In this heading we tell about unusual things, entertainments and services. If you have faced something not ordinary, inform us on it on electronic mail: baranova@ or by phone 257 - 52 - 27. To what message will appear the most interesting, the award - 300 roubles is necessary!

the Leader of a heading Valentine BARANOVA.