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Safe attractions in Moscow are not present

on April, 11th, 2004 in park Lianozovo an attraction the Surprise has simply scattered horsemen. 15 persons have suffered. Then on parks of Moscow and area have thrown the verifying commissions. In half a year they have reported about the done work. In area recognised unreliable 37 roundabouts. Have announced also causes of accident in Lianozovo - the spoilage in production of details admitted by manufacturer and non-observance of rules of checkup before start . The factory has responded that the Surprise otkatal the term about four years ago. And its owners have prolonged term of its operation twice. And all. Nobody is punished. Karuselshchiki, as before, buy from whom has got also any attractions and use them as it will like. After all there are no accepted norms and laws - federal, at Moscow City Council level.

As capital attractions today look? More often are the paints covered in the poods that it was not appreciable the rusty welding seams, fulfilled the term to Russia and in the West entertaining cars. For security having a rest the operator responds. As a rule, it the owner of the device or the guest worker employed for seasonal work.


As we without attractions?!

Especially when summer in a heat. Experts unanimously ask not to risk until...

At new inspection on supervision for attraktsionnoj technics will not appear though any rights. Now for work they have all - staff in eight persons, the beautiful form, certificates, office and even plombirovochnye devices. It spetsy are ready to check up each attraction. But till now the law regulating its powers is not passed. we see, how service regulations are broken, but have not the right to seal up a dangerous attraction - Vladimir Bachurin speaks.

So that looked ill-starred the Surprise right after failures.

Attractions and people will not insure. For example, the tipsy operator uncle Stepa will pull with perepugu stop - the crane on to the American hill . Traumas are guaranteed. But, while you will bring an action, uncle Stepu will dismiss, and an attraction will resell, for example, in the Wedge. Even if will find the ends will prove the case, you will not obtain compensation. Today in capital of the technician it is insured only in Sokolnikah . The others do not hurry - the insurance companies, using iniquity in this ambry, break the astronomical sums.

Parks will not allocate sufficient money for updating of attractions. While people are rolled by private concerns with the unreliable mechanisms and doubtful experts. Besides units, experts RAPPA are terrified by quality of preparation and professionalism of the personnel. At the best ten mechanisms is watched by one engineer.

Each attraction should pass checkup. And still to have state number that it at malfunction have not stolen in other region.


should be closed 90 percent of roundabouts

the Committee-man, the main state inspector of work on the city of Moscow at Ministry of Labor Natalia VOLSKY:

- According to representatives of the Russian organisation of parks and manufacturers of attractions (RAPPA), approximately 90 percent of roundabouts in the country need to be closed. The laws specially regulating work of attractions, are not present even in Moscow. In Park Bitter turns the Big wheel already since 1954. We its decision of the commission have not accepted to operation.

This document will give out to owners of attractions after checkup.

the Chief of inspection on supervision for attraktsionnoj technics of capital Vladimir BACHURIN:

- Unfortunately, the previous inspection which is responsible for attractions, have disbanded in 2002. From it does not remain even archive. We only have learnt one of these days, how much is exact in Moscow stationary attractions. Them 620, instead of 800 as was considered. From sixty parks of capital they stand in thirty. Much bigger danger is represented by ambulatory attractions. They appear at night, for a day raise money and completely disappear. Here them to check up difficult.

the Most widespread reasons of traumas

technics Refusal (systems of fixing, brake systems); design destruction; fires.

Errors of operators, and also them unmotivated behaviour (in transfer - drunk they were in zjuzju).

Infringement by visitors of instructions for use by attractions.


the Dr.Sci.Tech., vice-president RAPPA Boris RABINOVICH:

- Known for all Tarzanka it is very dangerous. The person throw headfirst! At first - weightlessness, then - a sharp rush of blood to a head. Instantly burst mikrososudiki in eyes and capillaries in a brain. Even the pilot in the jet plane in bolshej securities, than the jumper with Tarzanki . Besides, at free falling the cable can to be fastened on a neck or a foot of the jumper. It threatens with lethal exod.

But a problem that attractions without engines and motors (type of the same Tarzanki ) do not get at all under inspection control.

In Moscow in one stage turn in different planes more than 620 attractions. On them risk health simultaneously more than 5000 townspeople.