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At me in a head someone talks and sings

Two nights on end, hardly having sunk into a sleep, I woke up from loud hey! . It seemed, as if shouted directly in an ear. The next night I have heard Vova! . And the voice was obviously mine. What for nonsense?

Potustoronnee an announcement

- Acoustical verbal hallucinations - Andrey Karapetjan has diagnosed nejrofiziolog. - It seems that at you it for weariness. Have a rest properly during week-end, and potustoronny the voice will disappear.

Fortunately, the scientist as a result was not mistaken. And I - that have got a fright. Began to trespass on special services and even on intervention of the higher forces - angels and evil spirits.

Many criminals, for example, assured that certain voices in a head ordered to them to kill. Such criminal cases full. No less than victims the psychotropic weapon. I personally communicated with people who swore that the whole dialogues introduced ostensibly from the outside heard.

the Internal source

- the Source of sounds - the brain, - tells Karapetjan. - their occurrence - a schizophrenia symptom is frequent.

- That - that? - I am again frightened.

- In hard cases, - the scientist specifies, - when separate remarks, and quite intelligent combinations of words are heard not. Then acoustical verbal hallucinations (SVG) can create even full illusion of conversation with somebody. As it was, say, at Jeanne d ` Ark. She considered that talks to the archangel Michael.

- the Phenomenon potustoronnih voices, - is continued by Andrey Vaganovich, - recently investigated three independent groups of scientists of the USA, Canada and Japan. All have come to a conclusion that two areas of a brain participate in it - the acoustical bark located at temples, and frontal shares at least. The first is capable, it appears, independently to generate sounds, more correctly, nervous impulses, to it corresponding. The second can react so, as if sounds proceed from the outside. After all it was found out: even absolutely deaf people hear voices in a head. And almost at half of schizophrenics the brain becomes isolated from time to time for such internal work.

At mentally healthy people, scientists consider, SVG arise from an overload both an acoustical bark, and frontal shares.  

my Zajka

Such, probably, happened to everyone. Any melody will cling and does not lag behind. At someone in a head turns Zajka mine and at someone even symphonic products. And it is so distinct that it seems, as if you sit at a concert.

the British researchers led by Timoti Griffitsom from medical school of university of Newcastle have found the conductor an intracranial orchestra. It is memory.

Process looks so: in frontal shares something closes . They begin to rummage in long-term memory of a brain, taking when - that the heard melodies. And those, in turn, passing consciousness, straight get on an acoustical bark. Therefrom - back on frontal shares, which as in a case with voices, give to a concert a reality.

- Usually, - doctor Griffits tells, - people hear short fragments from 5 till 15 seconds. But they as if would be girdled and can sound hours.

- the So-called fragmentation arises that the brain remembers separate musical phrases as a uniform information block, - Andrey Karapetjan explains. - But why they turn ? Probably, in frontal shares the steady neural chain similar to those which is formed by the notions of compulsion is formed. Like And a leah I have switched off the iron? . It can drive the person into frenzy. Why - it is not very clear yet.


Whence undertakes And happens also such: in heads unfamiliar melodies start to sound. If to believe legends, them heard... The become deaf Beethoven, transferring then on a musical paper. Music was and to Robert Schuman who on a broader scale considered that it sang to it Schubert`s spirit. And present composers? Especially ours - pop. Do not admit, of course, but it seems that also they at times write off From the musical hallucinations. And differently unless it is possible to compose, how some, on 365 songs in a year?

- Here there are only hypotheses, - Andrey Karapetjan speaks. - the Pier, frontal shares start to combine independently once the written down sounds and musical phrases, making of pieces more long fragments. Further other sites of a brain which are responsible for processing of such information are connected.

Talented composers, according to the scientist, at subconsciousness level are capable to estimate originality of a melody. Others take almost everything that comes to mind. And then in them products something is continually heard already familiar. And it the fragments written down earlier have emerged. So there is a plagiarism - that is not absolutely realised.


Angela Scientists sing malicious voices

have found out that in heads of people man`s voices, as a rule, sound. To brain so is easier.

- the Female voice, - doctor Michael Hunter from branch of psychiatry of Sheffildsky university (England) explains, - sounds in more broad range of frequencies. And to design its internal analogue, it is necessary to try strongly. The brain chooses the easiest way. Moreover, synthesises the most familiar frequencies. Therefore people quite often hear own voices.

THAN to be treated

Scientists predict: acoustical hallucinations will prevail against all of us more often and more often. Because our life became continuous cacophony. Constantly working TVs, radio receivers - circle of a voice and the music, become by a habitual background. It having appeared casually in silence, its person loses. And then at strongly overloaded begins to revive an acoustical bark, making good the loss. What to do? To be treated by silence. But not short, but the long periods.