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Black label for the Family?

this summer the Russian political elite precisely does not have quiet life. All in pressure, for something wait. And that is characteristic, wait.

scandal round real estate eks - prime minister Kasyanov, flashed on strange coincidence almost right after how the former head of the government has hinted at the political ambitions has not had time to become silent, the new begins.

as well as in a case with Kasyanov, the initiator there was a known capital journalist and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Hinstein. Its target this time - the former chief of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the former secretary of Security council, nowadays the executive secretary of the CIS Vladimir Rushajlo. An occasion - again - taki a summer residence. Hinstein declared that has directed inquiry to Registration chamber. He wants to know, on what means official Rushajlo who never was engaged in business, has got rather expensive private residence in Moscow suburbs. dislike Hinstein and Rushajlo - business widely known. It has begun still in 90 - h years of the last century. Then all it as - that has calmed down. And here - a new and powerful impulse.

Kasyanov and Rushajlo - people different. But a blow direction under which both of them have got, - same. And Hinstein, making comments on the initiative, has declared, as further plans to understand with real estate of members of a so-called Family - environments eks - president Yeltsin. There are no bases to suspect the journalist and the deputy performed by the political order. Certainly, its purpose - a law and justice celebration. But guards abundant of coincidence a little.

and here also the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov suddenly has sharply accused there is no time oligarch Abramovich close to the Family in theft at Moscow to oil for 40 years forward . Year three as the capital government and the company Sibneft did not clash. And on you. Most likely, the parties simply again have decided to redistribute Moscow NPZ or the company Sibneft - Jugra . And the policy simply seems to observers. But again - taki coincidence on time...

and necessarily in imagination a certain awesome political force under the name the Family - a clan powerful, rich, influential and oppositional to present mode appears. Though even if most tempted expert we will ask to name names of members of this clan a definite answer we will not wait. Others are not present, and those is for a long time have run across in camp of winners.

It seems that the Kremlin was really seriously disturbed by Kasyanov`s initiative. But not as Family intrigues and as a sign of that in domestic big business and among high government officials not all divide a general line also are ready to support it certainly at the crucial moment. It, unreliable, also sends a corresponding signal. Summer residences - that just are at all.