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The average salary in Russia - 300 dollars

Ministry of economic development and trade has calculated: in June the average Russian has earned 8655 roubles - hardly more than $300.   Our earnings have overtaken pre-crisis level: in 97 - m we received on the average on $200 on the brother. At the same time we have outridden also our neighbours in the CIS. In Ukraine average earnings of $165 in a month, and in Belarus - $221. But to level even the East Europe countries to us it is still far. On the average the Pole earns $730 a month, and the Estonian - $575,4. We while only have caught up and have overtaken with one former socialist country - Bulgaria. The average salary there - $190,1.

- incomes of Russians will continue to grow quickly, - the head of Economic task force Evsej GURVICH considers. - certainly, in the near future our welfare will hardly be made even with European, but nevertheless our rates of increase above, than at them. Incomes grow in Russia for the several reasons. Labour productivity has increased, the high world prices for oil help also - the salary grows not only at oil industry workers, but also in other branches. Many enterprises have passed on white the salary. It too has served its purpose in growth of incomes.

Well and actually to feel an increase, according to experts, the salary should reach $500 a month.