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Alexey Pivovarov marries the colleague

On Saturday Alexey Pivovarov names the wife the the fellow worker - the leader of morning news of NTV Anna Schneider.

the Road on NTV where Alexey and Anna have got acquainted, for both was long.

Brewers at first worked vneshkorom in children`s edition of radio, then to leaders on radio station the Maximum . On NTV it has got in 1993 - m: worked as the correspondent of service of the information, and then began to remove reportings for Recently Leonid Parfyonov. Parfyonov has blest Pivovarova in conducting the Country and the world together with Aset Vatsuevoj in 2003 - m. from extraneous eyes Alexey Pivovarov carefully hides The private life, however to marry secretly at it it has not turned out. Colleagues have found out that Alexey here - here will put on a wedding ring, and have chattered away about it to the whole world.

Unlike Alexey Anna not the Muscovite. It has arrived to capital only two years ago. Before Anna Schneider worked in News Ekaterinburg. And worked so well that in 2003 - m has received TEFI as the best TV presenter of regional news. Almost at once after this award enteveshniki have contacted Anna and the forces in Moscow have suggested it to try. On NTV nobody refuses work - Anna has quickly packed a suitcase and has jerked in capital where not only has found new work, but also the husband.