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Karachentsov to the wife have got married in day 30 - letija the wedding

Gallantly, Lyudmila Andreevna! It was beautiful - your entrance to church Simeona Stolpnika on small silvery Suzuki . The bride at the wheel, yes with a breeze - such, to it - to god, anybody did not expect.

And since morning already there was a chaos.

- That is so much to people?! - Alexander Shirvindt who had control over the big package with a gift was surprised. From creative elite to congratulate a newly-married couple have come   still poet Evgenie Evtushenko and actor Evgenie Kindinov.

Lyudmila Andreevna left the First the car - in is light - the beige dress embroidered by beads, in a hat with a veil. On Nikolay Petroviche in tone to its dress a suit. These dresses were sewed by Vyacheslav Zajtsev five years ago - in them Karachentsov and Porgina were on wedding ceremony of son Andrey and daughter-in-law Irina.

Leaving the car, Nikolay Petrovich has inspected huge crowd of people... Also has become puzzled.

- Hello hello - the actor began to smile and nod all.

- Koljunechka, the bride should be on the left side, - has explained to the groom Lyudmila Andreevna.

Shirvindt, as always, could not be kept from jokes. you at last - that have married... - it has winked Porginoj.

Wishing to get in church was so much that the crowd nearly has not taken down a door. But to visit on this ordinance have resolved only to the relatives.

Before the beginning of wedding ceremony Nikolay Petrovich has sat down on a chair. To it all man`s half of visitors was tightened.

Evgenie Kindinov has strong shaken hands with the friend, they from students were together.

Shirvindt has embraced Karachentsova (they after accident meet for the first time) and has kissed on a cheek with words:

- Well you have got!

Having got married, spouses have gently kissed.

And here Nikolay Petrovich has not sustained. Tears have swept on its cheeks. Someone has brought a water mug. Someone has helped to wipe tears a kerchief.

Nikolay Petrovicha Valery Zavjalkin`s Friend - speak, it for these months helped it as anybody - has taken its arm and has moved to to the bride . Behind the father who after hospital yet absolutely confidently feels, podstrahovyval son Andrey.

canticles Have begun to sound, and the wedding ceremony ceremonial has begun.  

Father Sergy as we already wrote, all these months   strongly supported Lyudmila Andreevnu when her mother has died and Nikolay Petrovich has got to accident. To this church Porgina came almost every day. Father Sergy baptised recently small to Yanin, grand daughter Karachentsovyh. And here now...

- Christian Nikolay slave Bozhiej Lyudmila becomes engaged...

Nikolay Petrovich the first has put on a finger to the wife a wedding ring. It has made it not without some efforts... All - taki trauma consequences are felt. Then took the wife for a hand and did not release it till the end of a celebration.

Leaving church, Nikolay Petrovich has lighted. For stirring.

Father Sergy has led them to an altar. When prayers were said, Valery Zavjalkin has suggested Nikolay Petrovichu to sit down on a chair. That, having looked back, has told firmly:

- Is not present.

the Priest has moved getting married around   an altar, Nikolay Petrovich has again begun to cry.

- the Handsome man you mine! - has wiped to it tears of Porgina a hand in a white glove.

Then all family has filled up got married spouses with bouquets.

- Tell, why right now you have decided to get married? - We have asked Lyudmila Andreevnu.

- Today thirty years, as we in marriage. Before Nikolay Petrovich unfavourable concerned wedding ceremony, - Porgina admitted. - But after it has got to this accident and we with it have worried so much, he has told that it is necessary to make it right now. In day of our wedding.


poet Evgenie EVTUSHENKO:

- Unfortunately, round the glorified people always there are what hang out nearby. On the one hand, like would adore, with another - envy. When pass from delight to gadenkomu, to mischievous feeling: And here it such...

by the way, it was moved since Alexander Sergeevicha Pushkin. Now we speak: This our all - and after all at it scoffed, and badly scoffed.

if any people interpret wedding supposedly it is a facade, I leave it on their conscience.

Kohl - I observe it of life many years, I acted in a film it the Kindergarten - one of the most noblest and most worthy people. It never did nothing for the sake of any cheap stuff to throw girki on popularity scales. Kohl - the real man. Pasternak has told a phrase: In the real man always there is something parent in relation to other people . At If it is.

actor Evgenie KINDINOV:

- We with Kolej studied together. At us the small company was - two If, Borja and I. Some have gone abroad, some, alas, are not present already. But we who remained, bear friendship till now. After accident I only communicated with Ljudoj. To me doctors have told that it is better not to disturb to Kohl. And now I its first time see. I think that it is natural process that they have decided to get married Ljudoj. I consider that it is good. All should be on - russki, on - hristianski.