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Tatyana in to the Country of miracles

the Vladimirskiy writer has published the love novel

In one of publishing houses situated near Moscow the first novel of vladimirskiy writer Tatyana Gordeevoj was published. One of these days the novel has entered Vladimir`s bookshops and Moscow.

the Book is called the Country of miracles also narrates about love, about the price of happiness and about difficulties on a way to it. As the writer if years go speaks, and life does not develop - it is not necessary to despair. When, apparently, to hope any more on what, the destiny will smile to you, you will meet of whom so long dreamt. Here only the payment for a destiny smile can appear unreasonably high, separation unexpected, and love expectation unboundedly long. Meetings and separations, experiences and minutes of happiness are collected in this edition.

Ljubovno - the psychological novel is printed by circulation in 1000 copies. first signs Tatyanas Gordeevoj already is popular among the vladimirskiy readers. At least, in regional library the novel on regiments does not stand idle. The book is written by easy, accessible language, and contains all elements necessary for the classical love novel: an intrigue, passion, a deceit, unexpected meetings after long separation.

Tatyana Gordeyev.

Tatyana Gordeyev was born and lives in Vladimir. Has two higher educations: has ended philological faculty of the Vladimirskiy pedagogical university; the second speciality of the writer - psychology. Now Tatyana Gordeyev is engaged in teaching activity.

Alisa the bared lay on a bed. The thought on possible violence stirred her often .
Tatyana Gordeyev, the Country of miracles .