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Sports and dance - two in one

Where in Vladimir to be engaged in rhythmic gymnastics

As trainers vladimirskiy SDJUSHOR on gymnastics, " speak; artists more and more, and here on sports gymnastics among girls this year the shortage every year comes.

the Best age to start employment - 6 - 7 years. At five-years periods memory and attention are still insufficiently developed, it is more difficult to them to remember exercises. In first two years of training there are two - three times a week, then - daily. Year - one and a half girls master gymnastics elements, do bridges and twine. After 7 years exercises with a ball, a hoop, a skipping rope, later - with a tape begin. The most difficult subject - maces, with them start to be engaged in 8 - 9 years.

the First elimination in groups occurs in seven years when girls go to school. Daily trainings by trolley buses through all city stir trip plus to lessons. Those who marks in champions, passes in school 14 with sports classes.

the Second critical age - 10 years. By this moment it becomes already clear, a leah is at the girl inclinations of the future champion: and physical, and that is not less important, character. From group are allocated 2 - 3 perspective sportswomen, the others are engaged more for own pleasure.

Many leave in 13 - 14 years. At this age of the girl often start to add in weight and even if to employment it does not disturb malicious comments of little girls from group will enrage everybody. And girls - gymnasts an angelhood usually do not differ: constant rivalry from 6 years learns to be rigid. In 14 years the future champion it is already visible, with it start to be engaged seriously, carry on gathering. Age of the higher achievements in rhythmic gymnastics - 19 - 20 years. Alina Kabaeva who has become by the champion in 15, more likely, an exception.

Even if the girl will throw employment through five - six years, they will affect still many long years. The bearing, gait, a figure allow to allocate unmistakably from crowd the former gymnast.

the First reason - beauty.

    Five reasons to choose rhythmic gymnastics...
  1. beauty
    It simultaneously both sports, and dance. All exercises are carried out under music, the ear for music and rhythm thus develops, and thanks to sports elements coordination and ability in perfection is developed to own the body. In rhythmic gymnastics very serious choreographic preparation which is not conceding to ballet. Years with 9 - 10 artists actively entice and with pleasure take all vladimirskiy dancing ensembles.

  2. the Second - character.

  3. Character
    Daily trainings, and with 8 - 9 years regular trips on competitions very much contribute in independence. Struggle against superfluous kgs a bit later begins (first of all with own mum who cannot look at a hungry daughter) is forms character. Gymnasts usually start to be interested in boys later - there is no time for nonsenses. But also, harmonous, pretty, graceful little girls since young years are spoilt by attention and are very legible.

  4. Force - the fourth reason.

  5. Availability
    is not required any outstanding abilities. Certainly, to become second Kabaevoj, the talent is necessary, but the first adult category is accessible almost to all. The unique requirement - the girl should be proportionally combined, thin and with long legs. Flexibility of joints is still necessary. All the rest - the feeling of a rhythm, musicality, coordination, dexterity - develops at trainings at everything, problems do not happen to it. Small completeness - not a hindrance, simply the girl should keep to a diet more religiously.
  6. Force
    Despite external fragility, gymnasts are physically strong and hardy. The general physical training - an obligatory part of trainings. Exercises with subjects develop dexterity and an eye estimation. Unlike sports gymnastics where at exercises on shells seconds and centimetres, " are strictly fixed; the artist freely moves on a carpet - the imagination, memory and time sense develops.

  7. Security far not last reason.

  8. Security
    These sports even at high loadings (at level of candidates and masters of sports) practically do not influence health. Gymnasts - artists Develop proportionally, the figure is not deformed, as at some sports with non-uniform loadings. However, at intensive trainings at girls puberty begins on ones and a half - two years later, than at contemporaries, but problems to a birth of the child at them happens no more, than at women - not sportswomen. Traumas on trainings at gymnasts happen less often, than in the majority of sports, and they, as a rule, are not dangerous - stretchings and is rare dislocations.

... And one - against

As in any sports where train together, and act everyone for itself, relations develop difficult. If babes usually are on friendly terms, the senior girls start to envy, compete each other. If the trainer attentively not traces a situation, can be both quarrels, and intrigues, and tears.