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The bed impregnated with blood

Is everything that there was with the big pure feeling

This terrible story began as classical the love novel . Its end suits only discussion in a narrow circle of pathologists. All has begun in the past spring, and has ended last week.

He could be envied
Igor Petrov, 21 years old, has got acquainted with Svetlana Ivanovoj (names and surnames are in the interests of the investigation changed) spring of this year when worked as the security guard in shop Sekond - a hand that on the Ice cold mount. It, native Kameshkova, was lonely, it too single. Have attracted each other, on that and have converged. To live steels in the office two-room apartment, allocated Light the Vladimirskiy broadcasting centre where she worked the bookkeeper, in the street Top Dubrova. All went perfectly in spite of the fact that Igor remained after a while without work.

Earnings 24 - summer Svetlana allowed not only to make ends meet, but also in a civilised way to have a rest. In August children went to Anapa where have fine spent time. The certificate to that is a pile of the amateur pictures made in the south. Young men wanted to get married. Thought of children.

There was only one spoon of tar in this butt of honey - Petrov, having drunk wines, became aggressive, because from time to time had problems with the law (has beaten in an electric train of the controller in the spring, but term has not received). However light was severe with a roommate, and it last months even did not touch beer.

Seeing that Igor very much tries to resemble the exemplary family man, Light has employed it in a broadcasting centre the electrical engineer. If only she knows, than the pleasure of employment

will turn back the backbone
Why - that for the Russian person piously " Has escaped only; to register On a new place of work, and having covered a table, to drink together with colleagues. Petrov has arrived so. Last week Igor has come after such residence permits about 11 evenings fairly tipsy. The started bottle of beer has been clamped In hands at it. On - female strict Svetlana there and then vzbryknula you supposedly such - sjakoj - incorrigible. The roommate began to shout in the answer. It proceeded long, swore both in a hall, and in a room. When at Petrov brakes have refused, it has pushed the woman in a back. It has fallen to a bed, and Igor has pulled hard from above and, having put to its throat a kitchen knife, has ordered to become silent. Light has cried: Yes you the coward, anything from yourself do not represent also anything to me will not make! further, under the version of the investigation, events developed so.

- the Enraged Petrov, - tells the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of Vladimir Dmitry Antonov, - not less than three times has slashed to Ivanov with a knife on a throat. Cut to the woman vessels, arteries, a trachea and a gullet. Only a backbone not has mastered . From a victim all blood has flowed out almost, the bed has through become impregnated
- an affect Status?
- Anything similar, a premeditated murder. After all, having finished with Svetlana, Petrov has washed hands, has washed away clothes sleeves, has packed a knife into a polyethylene package and has thrown out it in the street in a tall weeds. Then by a cellular telephone has called in Kameshkovo to mother Svety, has told that has come from work home, and there your daughter lies with the cut throat . After has called first aid has bought a bottle of tincture of a mountain ash on cognac and has risen in apartment.

the Arrived doctors fast verified death and have called militia. At first Petrov adhered to the version that has found Svetlana already dead. And in the morning, having overslept, has told all as on spirit. Before a videocamera. Accusation under article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - " is brought to it; Premeditated murder .

Suspect Igor Petrov,

1983 year of birth, was earlier repeatedly we judge. For car stealing has received 3,5 years and has served time wholly. Has received conditional term for a robbery Later (has pulled out at the passer-by a mobile phone ). Past spring in an electric train has beaten the controller, but, in view of reconciliation of the parties, the world judge has let Petrov go in peace.

Svetlana Ivanov,
1981 year of birth, was born and has been registered in the city of Kameshkovo. Did not drink, did not smoke, wanted children. As have told in gorprokurature: Such it is more than maids .