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In a nature museum have exposed pumpkins - giants

on September, 14th in a nature museum the exhibition " has opened; the Crop - 2004 . Here have brought compositions from vegetables, fruit, cereals, cones... All raw materials schoolboys for the dining rooms have grown up on the sites.

Here there are carrots in the form of a hand, a vegetable marrow - a swan with a beak - a tail, a huge pumpkin. Schoolboys have built other masterpieces - the behemoth from a vegetable marrow and a pumpkin, the fright from bush pumpkins and a beet, a doll from a cane, decorated with a string bean and macaroni, the plane from a vegetable marrow and even an owl from seeds of an ash-tree and cones. Generous selivanovtsy distributed the vegetables which have not located on an exhibition to passers-by directly at museum gate: Take, take, it is not a pity to us. Free of charge we give! - teacher Dmitry Starshinov invited. - Take a dogrose! Make houses tea! . The people were confused, but took.

the Exhibition works till Saturday. Longer some vegetables simply will not live - povjanut. - colourful books on gardening, agriculture and directories of plants - the jury will hand over prizes on 8 nominations.

the Address: Vladimir, World street, 19. The Operating time - with 10. 00 to 17. 00.
the Ticket for adults - 10 roubles, for children - 8 roubles.