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In Aleksandrove there will be a horse militia

It is the second district after Murom which the Horse militia - the kind of patrol optimal for Aleksandrova will use horses for public order protection

. The police squads moving on horses, will underline ancient beauty of a city. But the aesthetics is not all. According to chief ROVD Oleg Andreevicha Siritsyna, movement of militiamen on horses also it is convenient - the horse will pass there, where spasuet traditional militian bobik for example, on country sites where places for fares and turns sometimes simply are not present. And during mass actions the militiaman at a horse is more mobile and is less vulnerable, than the pedestrian.

- Our internal statutory acts oblige district and regional departments more actively to use in patrol and search work of animals, - Oleg Andreevich tells. - After all during the last years in Aleksandrovsk ROVD does not remain any search dog, any cynologist.

Now local militiamen solve at once some questions. In - the first where and for how much to buy ten demanded horses. There is an idea to conclude contract with local private konezavodom which grows up the Oryol trotters - this breed most approaches for militia. Here it is supposed to train the future horsemen in horse driving and the reference with loshadmi.

In - the second, revision of the list of staff and official icon settings of employees - the militiamen working with animals is required, should receive extra charges. And, at last, where to contain horses. Well, this question dares easier - near cities are three suitable invalid farms which can be put in a short space of time in order. In the same place aleksandrovskaja the militia intends to place and nursery of guard dogs.

- the Cynologist is required to us a little fanatical, - chief ROVD smiles. - That at the small salary loved animals and it was ready to potter with them - after all has put it hlopotnoe.

And here konniki - militiamen will be, probably, quickly - there are people who when - that have left to Moscow, on earnings. And so they are ready to return to work in new division.