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Who and what for has written down mass-media in terrorists?

one of these days in Vladimir`s all crowded places there were the posters accusing mass-media neither many nor few - in complicity to terrorists. And in a leaflet unknown authors used a cover of Friday release with serious investigation How much pay to gangsters for act of terrorism . The same day someone has scattered leaflets on mail boxes of townspeople. We all it can regard only as an impudent and boorish trick.

Yes, events in Beslan have forced journalists to describe in detail all events, to communicate with relatives of victims, to understand and analyze causes of the tragedy. Because we should know truth. It is our position. In spite of the fact that and to write and read it it is terrible, our reportings have found the response at readers. Has already started to receive letters with thanks. Here what call has arrived from Penza: Many thanks to the newspaper for materials about Beslan tragedy. All these days courageously and adequately you shined this tragedy without gamble and a hysteria. To you zachtetsja .

we tried precisely, but delicately to shine tragical events in Beslan. Now anonymous authors accuse not only us, and all mass-media - that bad news to us became good that we make hit on a human grief... Our correspondents on the hands took out children from school, least thinking of benefit. They during that moment thought only of one - how to run out from a bombardment zone, to give the child and to return back, for the following child...

the Author of posters and leaflets is unknown to us, the signature under them is not present. But it is obvious, what exactly they (or it), accusing journalists, manage to clip coupons for itself. Hardly they are stirred with children of Beslan. If it was so, they would not print the leaflets in huge circulations, and would give money to the former hostages... As it was made by journalists, having listed the fees for the help to children of Beslan.

We intend to find authors of slanderous leaflets and to bring to their court. Edition - Vladimir has put in the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor.