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For a debut not bad

At Rusicha there were strong rivals

In this season the command Rusich hockey club Vladimir debuts in superiority of the country on ice hockey among collectives of the first league.

our updated command has spent the First matches in Dmitrove situated near Moscow where the players of the local hockey club with the same name also debuting in competitions were its rival. Our command has spent a considerable part of a meeting in minority that as a result has affected and result. Owners have opened the bill, playing five together against a three vladimirtsev, and then have thrown one more washer in our gate. Next day their advantage was more notable. Washers at Rusicha - on Alexander Kudryashov and Igor Lukashina`s bill.

Matches from CSKA - 2 have appeared more successful. In the first game only in the second period our hockey players have opened the bill. It was made by Igor Lukashin. However to save the gate in inviolability Rusichu it was not possible. The neutral result and after over - a time has not changed.

In a repeated meeting Rusichu it was possible to win the first victory in the first league. Andrey ShChevelev from Victor Solodovnikova`s transfer has opened the bill. Then Sergey Morev has used Igor Lukashina`s exact pass. Soldiers managed to reduce only rupture in the bill.

Four points in four exit times - it is absolutely quite good for the debutant. Last year Rusich also started hard. Absence of teamwork and the ice affects. However there is a hope that hockey players Rusicha with each subsequent meeting will type points. However, it is not necessary to forget that, unlike last seasons, rivals at our command, very strong.