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In a dustbin have found the newborn child

When the girl have thrown in the container, it was still live

In the garbage container standing between houses 1 and 3 in the street of Zavadsky, have found a corpse of the newborn child. The inhabitant of the house 1 about 10 mornings has gone to throw out garbage. In the container he has found out a blood-stained package and has called militia. Militiamen and employees of Office of Public Prosecutor have found a corpse of the newborn girl in a package. The child was in a placenta, the umbilical cord has not been cut.

As has shown opening, the child was born the live. The girl donoshennaja, weight - four kgs, growth - more than fifty centimetres. The consequence believes that the child was born at home, and then it have thrown out in a dustbin. From Zavadsky`s street to Children`s home - only 150 metres

By the way, just these days in Vladimir`s gynecologic branch BSP the woman who has just given birth to the child has arrived. But, according to doctors, at it the child was born nedonoshennym. The woman is mentally sick. Where it has put the child, it was not possible while to establish.

the Militia searches for mother of the child. Dear readers if to you the woman who after the delivery did not have a child is known, or you know about the woman with the big term of pregnancy which where - that was gone, call in OVD Lenin area by phones:
24 - 02 - 04, 24 - 47 - 87 or 02.

the Material is prepared with assistance
the chief of Criminal investigation department Lenin OVD Vladimir and the senior inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of a city Sergey Sokolova.